First Step To Build Your Amazon Business: Learn About Amazon SEO

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How can the Amazon SEO process support the growth of your business? Understand its fundamentals and benefits in the article below. 

As more and more retailers are flocking to Amazon to kickstart their businesses, stiff competition arises and motivates sellers to develop better strategies. If you are among those who struggle to boost your store performance, why not have a look at the following guideline? Here, you will find all the tips and tricks regarding the execution of Amazon SEO – the magical force behind the world’s biggest e-commerce platform.

What Is Amazon SEO?

To put it in simple terms, Amazon SEO refers to the process in which Amazon listings are thoroughly improved and optimized in terms of copy, photo, and keywords. The mechanism of Amazon SEO pivots on its A10 search engine, which considers numerous factors before deciding on the ultimate algorithms that govern all rankings. Suppose the landing page’s quality matches the requirements of A10. In that case, it stands a higher chance of climbing up Amazon’s best-selling ranking and attracting potential customers. 

4 Core Benefits Of Amazon SEO


Unlike other marketing approaches, Amazon SEO can be done free of charge. From writing the title and descriptions for the products to putting in backend keywords, Amazon listing optimization does not require much more than a skillful digital marketer. You can easily carry out these tasks on your own or let someone within the company handle the job. 

This is definitely an advantage for small and medium-sized stores compared to other expensive tactics like Amazon PPC.

Organic results

Running a campaign sure drives traffic and increases the clickthrough rate for your Amazon business, but most of the conversions are ad-attributable. On the other hand, listing optimization allows you to tailor your webpage to the likings of customers, thus effectively drawing shoppers’ attention without exposing them to paid content.

More pleasant shopping experience

Landing on a poorly organized page with careless content and virtually no photos is every customer’s nightmare. The best way to boost your store’s conversion rate is to strike a chord with potential shoppers by offering an effortless, easy-to-navigate browse.

Long-term effectiveness

A comprehensive listing optimization can remain helpful for months, if not years. Once you audit everything on the landing page, there is no need for constant updates or regular check-ups.

Fundamental Steps To Perform And Optimize For Amazon SEO

Pay attention to the keywords

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Keywords are crucial in ensuring that product indexing (a product matching the searched terms that pops up on the result page) takes place immediately. In the long run, they help strengthen brand recognition, make your products stand out compared to competitors, and raise the visibility of your landing page. So what needs to be done when it comes to keyword optimization?

Research relevant terms

Before getting down to the real work, you have to prepare a pool of terms that closely tie with what your store has to offer. They can easily be found using Amazon autocomplete, customer testimonials, and third-party websites that provide a free database of authentic Amazon searches. From there, pick out phrases with a moderate search volume and high relevance, and narrow them down to roughly 20-30 most promising keywords.

Insert keywords where necessary

Once the keywords are available for application, start placing them in different fields of your listing. The 4 most common places where keywords are a must are the title, highlights, description, and product information. But do not stop there. Try to include more in the backend keywords, further keyword fields, and even your brand name if possible.

Take advantage of non-traditional keywords

Long gone are the days when the only sufficient keywords are the ones being short and concise. Now, seemingly lengthy keywords can bring about impressive results, as in the case of long-tail keywords. For example, instead of “female jackets,” you put “female leather jackets under $100” in your title. While the latter might not enjoy a substantial number of searches, it indicates a much clearer intention to seal the deal from potential buyers.

Another type of keyword usually overlooked is variations, which can be anything from misspellings to compound words. As long as the variations come directly from the original keywords, they would ultimately help your landing page appeal more to Amazon algorithms.

Write compelling content

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Now that the keyword optimization already earns you Amazon’s favors and you start getting more traffic to the landing page, it is time to talk them into purchasing. In this situation, what works better than persuasive sales copy? 

First off, let’s start with what strikes customers in the face when they click on your landing page: the title. Here, make sure you mention the brand name, product type, color, design, size, model type, etc. This way, shoppers can quickly envision the items they are about to view.

Next up, pay attention to the description. Ideally, the features of your products should be written in bullet points for higher readability, not off-putting walls of text. Showcase the unique selling points of what your store has to offer in an informative yet light-hearted tone. 

Utilize visual assistance

Since all transactions on Amazon are done online, customers have to rely heavily on product images before making the final decision. You might want to use a white background, as it enables viewers to focus entirely on how the product looks, essentially leaving out any distractions. Furthermore, do not forget to take photos from different angles, as this offers a multifaceted examination and provides more details for potential customers. If your product requires an assembly before being usable, adding a how-to video or step-by-step instructions would significantly improve the shopping experience.


Optimizing your Amazon web page’s product listings is just the first step if you wish to generate sizable profits. If you want a helping hand with planning and monitoring the business, why not look at Here, with the expertise of marketing professionals, you would find your store thriving in no time!

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