About Us

Company Overview

One of the biggest problems that today’s Generation Y and Z face is the time crunch. There is so much to do in so little time that time management b. Everybody is aware of everything and how to match up? Crunch Time News is just what you need. 

It is the perfect solution for today’s generation who wants to stay updated on everything that is trending and is going around in the world so that they become the first person to tweet about it or at least know what the trend is about.

Crunch Time News is a media company striving to be at the top of all news websites with news from all segments. From politics, world crisis, trending news, sports, innovation, health research, scientific discoveries, to product and game launches along with their reviews, our news website is that one place you can be sure to find all the latest news in irrespective of the genre in a short and crisp form.

Crunch Team News- Team

We are a bunch of super energetic, crazy and passionate young journalists who love to keep their eyes and ears open even when they are sleeping. Our character helps us to not miss a single piece of news, whatever the field be because our team itself is filled with people with varied interests. Why else do you think there is a singularly dedicated section for Cannabis on our news website?

The Our Mission

In the times when even the media is sold, we understand the importance of unbiased news information for a better world. The Crunch Time News aims to cover news that includes not just well-researched information but also opinions from various leaders with different beliefs to help you form your own. And above all decide for yourself what is right and what is wrong without any interference from our side.