How to check your SEO progress?


When it comes to ensuring your ranking to the search engine, it is nearly impossible without the right SEO efforts. This is why you must ensure that you are making use of the proper SEO strategies which can help you to secure a better rank on the SERPs. However, spending all your time finding puts and applying the SEO techniques will not help alone. You must track the performance of your SEO to know whether it is working properly or not. To understand whether you are doing it right or you need to implement some important changes to your SEO, you must be performing a complete performance checking for your SEO. Here is how you can do it properly:

Measure the strength of your SEO through the domain authority

How well your website is performing in the search engine ranking can easily be measured through your domain authority. The domain authority helps in determining and predicting the performance of your website and, at the same time, analyzes you as per your competitors. How many links you have earned or how credible your website is in terms of link building can be measured to understand how your website is performing. Also, compare the results with your competitor to understand if you’re outperforming or you want to implement some changes in your SEO strategy.  You can avail your services from an SEO agency to gain better domain authority for your SEO optimization.

Keep track of your keyword ranking

Since the keywords are the backbone of SEO, you must not keep them out of your performance tracking tasks. Find out if your competitors are optimizing the similar keywords that you are using or not. Especially if you are working as an affiliate management site, then you need to know how your brands and trademarks are being used over the internet. Thus the keyword rank tracking is one of the very helpful measures for such purposes. Monitor your keywords and track their ranking capabilities over time to know how well it is performing or do you need to put any kind of changes to it or not.

Measure your SERP visibility

Your SERP visibility is one of the crucial metrics that you need to check to assess your SEO performance over time. For each of the queries, Google produces SERP. All the SERP contains the organic results, SERP features, ads, and many other elements like keyword panel, featured snippets, etc. Thus your visibility on the search engine is a highly important area on which you must work and keep note of the progress on it. Measuring the search engine visibility can help you know how many people are seeing your website in their search results. It is a great way to know if your SEO efforts are working properly or not.

Have an eye on your bounce rate

The bounce rate is one of the very important metrics for your SEO. As a visitor comes to your page, and how much time it spends on your site, that determines the bounce rate of your site. If they are leaving your site just after visiting and without any kind of further interaction, then your bounce rate will be high. / the goal is to have a lower bounce rate. Though the different types of websites have different kinds of benchmarks for their bounce rates, it is important to keep checking the bounce rate to know how much you need to work on your page’s presence and your SEO.

Check your page speed

Page speed plays a highly important role in deciding how your website is working and how effective your SEO is. Whether it is the users or it is the search engine crawlers, nobody likes to spend more than 2-3 seconds to open a page. Thus a page speed is a highly important element that can affect most of the other metrics also. You need to keep checking your site speed from time to time to know that your site is doing good both on the SERPs and in terms of SEO. Slower pages are not going to take you anywhere with your page’s success. Thus you must keep checking your page speed to understand how your website and your SEO are working.


For a better ranking on the search engine and to get better traffic to your page, it is important to ensure that you are putting continuous efforts into optimizing the SEO for your site. At the same time, tracking the performance of your SEO will let you know whether your SEO strategies are working properly or they need a change.

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