Exploring Rahmanullah Gurbaz in Ahmedabad: A Promising Talent


In the world of cricket, Rahmanullah Gurbaz has been making waves with his outstanding performances and impressive batting skills. Hailing from Afghanistan, Gurbaz has shown his talent in various T20 leagues around the world. One such league where he showcased his abilities was the recent Ahmedabad leg of the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Born on December 22, 2001, in Kabul, Afghanistan, Gurbaz is a young and promising cricketer who has already made a mark in the international cricket scene. He made his T20I debut for Afghanistan in September 2019 against Bangladesh and has since become a vital part of the team’s batting lineup.

IPL Debut in Ahmedabad

Gurbaz was picked by the Rajasthan Royals for the second phase of the IPL 2021 in Ahmedabad. His inclusion in the team generated a lot of buzz among cricket enthusiasts due to his explosive batting style and unorthodox strokeplay. In his very first match for the Royals, Gurbaz showed his class by scoring a quickfire half-century against a formidable opposition. His ability to take on the bowlers from the word go and score runs at a rapid pace has drawn comparisons to some of the best T20 batsmen in the world.

Playing Style

Gurbaz is known for his attacking style of play, often taking the attack to the bowlers right from the start. His fearless approach and ability to hit boundaries at will make him a dangerous batsman in the T20 format. He possesses a wide range of shots and is not afraid to play innovative strokes to unsettle the opposition bowlers. Despite his young age, Gurbaz shows maturity beyond his years when it comes to pacing his innings and building partnerships with his fellow teammates.

Strengths and Weaknesses

One of Gurbaz’s biggest strengths is his ability to score quickly and accelerate the run rate when needed. His fearless approach puts pressure on the opposition and gives his team the momentum in crucial moments of the game. Additionally, his agility behind the stumps makes him a handy wicketkeeper, adding value to his overall skill set.

However, like any young player, Gurbaz has areas where he can improve. One aspect of his game that he can work on is his shot selection, as he sometimes tends to play high-risk shots that can lead to his dismissal. By developing more patience and choosing his shots wisely, Gurbaz can become an even more formidable batsman in the future.

Future Prospects

With his impressive performances in the IPL and other T20 leagues, Gurbaz has caught the attention of cricketing experts and fans around the world. Many believe that he has the potential to become one of the leading batsmen in the T20 format in the coming years. If he continues to work on his game and iron out the minor flaws in his batting, Gurbaz could well establish himself as a key player for Afghanistan and in various T20 leagues globally.


In conclusion, Rahmanullah Gurbaz is a talent to watch out for in the world of cricket. His explosive batting style, fearless approach, and ability to perform under pressure make him a valuable asset for any team he represents. As he continues to hone his skills and gain more experience at the highest level, Gurbaz is poised to achieve great success and leave a lasting impact on the cricketing world.


  1. What is Gurbaz’s highest score in T20 cricket?
  2. Gurbaz’s highest score in T20 cricket is 87 runs off 45 balls.

  3. Has Gurbaz represented Afghanistan in other formats of the game?

  4. Yes, Gurbaz has also played One Day Internationals (ODIs) for Afghanistan.

  5. Which IPL team did Gurbaz play for before joining the Rajasthan Royals?

  6. Gurbaz played for the Sunrisers Hyderabad in the IPL before being bought by the Rajasthan Royals.

  7. What makes Gurbaz’s batting style unique?

  8. Gurbaz’s aggressive approach and ability to innovate with his shots make his batting style stand out from other players.

  9. Is Gurbaz considered as a future captaincy prospect for Afghanistan?

  10. Given his leadership qualities and cricketing acumen, Gurbaz is viewed as a potential captaincy contender for Afghanistan in the future.

  11. How has Gurbaz’s performance in domestic leagues contributed to his development as a cricketer?

  12. Playing in various domestic T20 leagues has provided Gurbaz with exposure to different playing conditions and top-quality opposition, helping him grow as a cricketer.

  13. Which international bowlers has Gurbaz performed well against in T20 cricket?

  14. Gurbaz has shown his ability to score runs against top bowlers like Rashid Khan, Jasprit Bumrah, and Kagiso Rabada in T20 matches.

  15. What role does Gurbaz play in the field apart from being a wicketkeeper-batsman?

  16. Gurbaz is often seen as an agile fielder who can take sharp catches and effect crucial run-outs, showcasing his all-round abilities on the field.

  17. How has Gurbaz’s presence in the Rajasthan Royals impacted the team’s performance in the IPL?

  18. Gurbaz’s inclusion in the Rajasthan Royals has provided the team with a dynamic batting option at the top of the order, adding depth to their lineup and increasing the team’s scoring potential.

  19. What advice would you give to Gurbaz to further improve his game and reach his full potential?

    • To reach his full potential, Gurbaz should focus on developing a consistent approach to shot selection, building long innings, and adapting his game to different match situations. Additionally, working on his fitness and fielding skills can further enhance his overall performance on the cricket field.
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