Pros and cons of protective film for the body

The anti-gravel film is a modern transparent material that has gained immense popularity. Most often, polyurethane or cast vinyl is used for its manufacture. Car owners have the opportunity to choose the thickness of the protective film. This parameter can vary within 100-250 microns. The choice of thickness index depends on the specific case. The durability of the coating depends on this size. The film is still available in different shades. In this case, it acts as a decorative element. With minimal cost, it can be used to change the car’s exterior.

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Advantages and disadvantages of car wrapping

Vehicle owners increasingly use this service. For many decades, such a film has been used abroad. In our country, it is used relatively recently. Taxi drivers were the first to wrap their cars. This allowed them to stand out from other vehicles. The pasted car looks beautiful and original. The use of such a film will enable you to save money on painting the car body.

Positive aspects of car wrapping:

  • Reliable body protection against minor damage. This is due to the fact that each layer of the film has a specific role;
  • Individuality, as it is possible to create an original body design. As a result, the car stands out in the crowd;
  • The film does not transmit ultraviolet light, so the paint does not fade and retains its appearance for a long time.
  • These benefits are only possible if the paint protection film is applied by a professional. To do this, it is better to contact a trusted service. An inexperienced person can make serious mistakes. As a result, the film will not be able to perform its protective functions. In addition, the quality of work will be noticeably low.

Negative sides

The biggest disadvantage is the gluing of the car itself. That is why you should trust professionals, such as Ecareauto, who will do it with the highest quality and professionalism. If any particle gets under it during operation, the film can no longer perform protective functions. During operation, it gets a huge amount of dust and dirt. It is better to wash it in a non-contact way. We’ll have to forget about such a service as polishing the body.

It should be borne in mind that the pattern that is applied to the film may fade during operation, which does not happen with airbrushing. If only some part of the car is pasted over, after removing this coating, the shades will differ from each other. It happens that poor-quality body painting was previously performed, then after removing the film, pieces of paint fall off. The main function of the anti-gravel film is to protect the paintwork from scratches and chips.

Film types

It comes in polyurethane and vinyl. There are differences between them. Vinyl was the first to go on sale. In its structure, it resembles plastic. When heated, the film can change its size, then hardens and becomes rigid. Polyurethane film resembles rubber. It is able to stretch without heating, and then again take its original dimensions. This type of coating quickly gained popularity in the market.

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