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Cover Letter

Applying for a job in this era s very difficult. It is way more competitive compared to the other years. Especially after the pandemic’s peak, companies are looking for workers that are worth their money. When applying for a job, different requirements are asked of the applicants. One of those is a document called a cover letter. Unlike a resume, a cover letter not only talks about your skills and capabilities but cover letters focus more on why you are the perfect candidate for the position you are applying to. Writing one can get tricky, especially if you are not new to this. You can search for a “cover letter sample” online to find examples that you can use as a guide. 

Make it unique

Your competitors aren’t just ten or a few dozen. Depending on how big the company and the hiring are, it can reach hundreds or even thousands. The last thing you want would be to create a boring and common cover letter. Make sure to personalize and add some spice to your cover letter. You want to attract the eyes of the hiring managers. DO not fit into the standard; think outside the box. 

Build rapport

Build rapport with the hiring manager. This does not mean addressing them casually but making them more personal. Instead of using “to whom it may concern,” try using words like “dear employer” or the hiring manager’s name, if given. When writing your cover letter, make it sound like you are engaging. Keep in mind not to be casual, but there should be a connection.

Use keywords from the job description

Reread the job description and look for keywords. Use those relevant keywords in your cover letter. Most companies nowadays use ATS or applicant tracking systems. This system is set by the company. They customize it according to certain keywords they need. This means that the ATS will prioritize looking for the words assigned by the company. The more keywords you have that match the ones in the job description, the greater your chances of appearing on top of the list. Even if the company reviews the papers manually, they will still use the same concept of looking for matching keywords. 

Show examples

Giving your hiring managers a measurable representation of your skills will give you an advantage. Simply saying, “I am very good at managing my time,” will not give assurance to them. Give examples that show that you are good at managing your time. You can give them a glimpse of how you handle a busy schedule. Are you good at sealing deals? Instead of saying, “I am good at sealing deals with clients,” give statistics. Show numbers of how many clients you have successfully signed a deal with. Showing evidence will definitely catch their eye and make you stand out a bit more. 

Don’t overshare

Though it is important to personalize your cover letter and to build rapport with the reader, keep in mind not to overshare. This is a formal document that helps convince them that you are just who they are looking for, not a reflection. Do not get carried away and trauma dump. You can include your hobbies and talents but make sure that theta re relevant. Make sure that everything you put in the cover letter reflects your personality and character but is relevant to the job description. No one wants to read a cover letter of someone talking about how much they love knitting when the job you are applying for is related to accountancy. 

Don’t make demands 

Keep in mind that you are convincing them to hire you. You are not an employee, most especially not the boss. You are still courting the company. Making demands or even insinuating them will put you on their bad side. Know where you stand and be humble. This is more on what the company gains from you, not the other way around. So do not bring up any salary expectations or benefits. This will show that you are interested only in the money and perks, but you are not dedicated nor passionate about the job. 

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