Exness Malaysia Review- Is Exness Scam or Legit?


The first year of Exness’s business existence was 2008. The trademark holder is the Republic of Seychelles-based financial services provider Nymstar Limited. Three states have issued licenses to the broker: CySEC (Cyprus) — the document authorizing the supply of services within the European Union; FCA (United Kingdom) — the document authorizing the exclusive right to work within this nation; FSC (Fair Trade Service Council) (Republic of Seychelles). 

Exness Malaysia has the most significant monthly trading volume in the industry. About $325.8 billion changes hands monthly in active trading accounts—the US Dollars of the USA. There are 120 different trading instruments accessible, including both conventional assets (currencies, equities, and oil) and cutting-edge newcomers. Think about the blockchain and digital money.

What is Exness?

The Exness brand represents a global brokerage with main offices in Seychelles and Cyprus. The global brand creates excellent opportunities for retail and, more importantly, corporate solutions or collaborations. At the same time, the company’s divisional structure ensures that consumers everywhere receive personalized financial services and investment solutions.

The EU company, headquartered in Cyprus, offers fully regulated services to members throughout the EEA and beyond. Exness UK Ltd., the broker’s wholly-owned subsidiary in the United Kingdom, is fully regulated and has further expanded the firm’s global reach.

Indeed, Exness has won numerous awards as a retail broker because of its reliable brokerage services, user-friendly platform, and low spreads (as low as 0.1 pips) with no hidden costs, even for the most discerning traders. The straightforward MT4 trading platform makes it possible for investors to trade CFDs and Futures contracts in a wide range of markets.


  • The number of possible exchange rates is 107.
  • We have one of the lowest commission rates in the foreign exchange business.
  • Accounts where the spread is precisely zero.
  • Traders of all experience levels can choose from a wide range of trading accounts, each with its commission structure.
  • There are over 60 different base account currencies to choose from.
  • This page contains historical tick information from the year 2015.


  • The licensing system does not well protect customers of financial institutions in Seychelles in that country.
  • There is a lack of variety in the market.
  • There are no passive investment tools available.
  • Expertise in the arts and analytical rigor.

Is Exness safe or a scam?

It is essential to consider the broker’s governing body and regulatory standing when choosing a broker like Exness. Brokers who choose to operate outside the supervision of a central body do so at their peril. The funds you have available are in jeopardy. Exness Spread betting costs will not apply because Exness is not a spread betting broker.

The company Exness has been operating since 2008, making it 13 years old this year. Cyprus is home to the company’s administrative hub. 

Exness Awards

Many awards and accolades accompany Exness’s lengthy and distinguished history of excellence in client satisfaction, trading technology, and overall quality.

The fact that this Forex broker is one of the few in the industry that hasn’t embraced social media could make it seem dated. Exness’s commitment to providing excellent services is why traders continue to place such a high value on the company.


Regarding leverage, Exness provides its clients with the highest possible limit—infinity. Increased leverage might be risky for novice traders. However, seasoned traders are under the impression that higher leverage carries no inherent danger. There is not enough leverage to do anything. 

The fundamental determinants are your trading strategies, expertise, and self-control. Sticking to your trading plans and making decisions based on data rather than feelings is essential. Having access to unlimited leverage also means not worrying about margin calls. This means that your orders will remain available indefinitely.

Trading Accounts

More specifically, it ditched tiered accounts in favor of a more niche strategy. As a result, traders can personalize their experience because every account is separate. It allows for greater specialization and yields an enhanced opportunity to showcase abilities.

However, you might not yet know what you hope to achieve as a beginner trader. Since you might not be familiar with all the features available in the specialist versions, they might seem daunting at first. If you’re worried, know that Exness understands precisely how you feel because every trader has been in your shoes. This created a universal account that anyone could use. The Standard plan offers a middle ground for those who have trouble making decisions by including a subset of each premium feature.

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