6 Must Have Shirts for Men


Shirts are the most essential and ubiquitous clothing item in a man’s wardrobe. They provide a point of interest around which you create an outfit idea. Men’s shirts are vital to complement the physical appearance and achieve the desired comfort. 

Finding a shirt that complements your body, style and wardrobe would be the best. You can get numerous styles for specific seasons and events, from casual chambray to oxford button-downs. However, picking suitable styles and wading through the details can be confusing.  

The following section can offer detailed insight if you need help deciding the type of shirt you should buy.

  • Oxford button-down shirt

An oxford button-down shirt is a must-have if you’re a fan of classics. These shirts have thicker fabrics than other shirt types, rendering a more casual edge. The hanger loop to the yoke’s back and button-down collars are common design traits of this type of shirt, making them easy to store. 

You can opt for them at both informal and formal events. Wear darker shades in an informal setting and lighter shades for a formal occasion.

  • Dress shirt

A dress shirt is all you need to show up at any formal event. It is made from pique fabric that can hold starch, which makes it stiff and crisp. These shirts have a cutaway, wing or pointed collar and double cuffs.

You must keep things low with a dress shirt and remember to tuck it in, preferably with shirt stays.

  • Cuban collar shirt

The speciality of the Cuban shirt is its open collar, boxy fit, straight hem and button-up style. This shirt style is a casual must-have and an essential summer staple for men. 

You may get these shirts in a range of patterns and colours, so; you have a lot of scope for experimentation. These shirts are perfect for laid-back events when you dress them with jeans and shorts. For a dressed-up look, you can pair them with well-tailored chinos.

  • Overshirt

An overshirt can be the perfect choice when a T-shirt is too cold and a coat is too warm for the weather. It makes for a light jacket when it’s warm. You can layer it up on colder days by wearing a coat over it. These shirts’ versatility makes them perfect for dressing up or down. 

You can choose darker shades for fancy occasions and lighter shades for a more casual look. When styling an overshirt, please keep it simple. Try to team up with raw denim and your lace-up work boots. 

  • Flannel shirt

A flannel shirt is a must-have in a closet full of men’s shirts. These shirts’ soft and thick fabric gives you comfort when the mercury drops. To keep warm, you can wear it buttoned up to mimic light outerwear, over a T-shirt, or even under your parka. Pair it with dark jeans and sturdy boots for a stylish look. 

  • Chambray shirt

Chambray uses a plain weave construction in a light fabric. A chambray shirt goes well with everything. But while styling, you should remember not to match your jeans too closely to your shirt. It is best to pair them with chinos or light suits to achieve a more casual look.  

The choices are endless when you’re out buying shirts. But before that, you must know your body type as there is not a single type of shirt that can look best on all men. You must try out different types to master your sizing. Traditionally, a slim-fit shirt looks very flattering, but you don’t want your movement to be restricted. So, make sure you prioritise comfort to look your best.

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