How smartphones are transforming the automobile industry


Smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives. We don’t leave them for even an hour. Modern smartphones nowadays can be compared to the powerful computers in terms of their performance and power. Technological progress doesn’t stand still, even now smartphones are not only a means of communication, but they can replace many other devices. For this reason, today car manufacturers are trying to keep up with the pace and actively implement technology, which allows you to integrate all the modern smartphones into the modern cars. For instance, today’s modern phone has already replaced some traditional features in certain cars and here are five of the newest functions that have emerged in automobiles exactly thanks to smartphones. 


Nowadays, many car manufacturers have started to equip their vehicles with new smartphone integration systems using new software. Today, all of your favorite apps on your smartphone become available on the car display. Meaning, it turns out that the screen in the car is actually becoming a second phone display. Indeed, now it is much easier to use the navigation maps while driving the car. 

Automotive services don’t lag behind technology progress at all, because now in order to go on a trip by car you do not only need a map, but also your personal vehicle as well. Car rental services provide a wide range of different automobiles for all tastes. This way, for example, while having a vacation in the UAE, you can easily find even a Ferrari rental in Dubai, moreover, you can choose and hire such a car even while being at home. There is no need to worry about a thing, since the specialist of the service can help with the process of choosing and renting a car.

  1. Music player

Most modern cars no longer have DVD and CD players. Modern automobiles are equipped with a Bluetooth system through which phones automatically connect to the vehicle’s infotainment system and send us the music of our liking. Therefore, as a result, it has become possible to listen to music from any social network on the audio system of your vehicle. Some cars are also equipped with wired smartphone technology, which allows one to listen to music in the audio speakers of such a car as well. 

Smart diagnostic app

It’s time to forget about automotive diagnostic services, they have been replaced by mobile apps that do all the work for you and show the current condition of your car. These apps usually connect via Bluetooth to the car’s OBD II port, so they can scan your car’s computer for any errors or problems you may have. Thanks to these smart apps, it is possible to check your car on the go, which saves you a lot of time and also increases safety, since you can quickly fix the problem once it is identified.

Remote key

There are a growing number of cars that are connected to the Internet. This has become possible thanks to factory-installed hotspots in cars. As a result, you can remotely find out where you have parked your car, how much fuel is left in the car’s tank, even check if you have forgotten to lock the car doors. Many of these apps give you remote access to the car, meaning you can lock the car doors, close the windows and even start the engine remotely, so basically it replaces the classic car keys.

Collision avoidance system

There are always failures in any system, including the road network. That is why an anti-collision system must always be working to avoid accidents on the road. Modern automobiles have become more interconnected, due to the latest technology. By receiving information about traffic, the car can automatically adjust to the optimum economy or a certain speed, which makes it easy to stop at traffic lights. Today, there are already systems under development that will connect cars with smartphones. Thanks to such technology, the car would be able to notice an inattentive pedestrian in time and prevent an accident itself by automatically reducing the driving speed. 

We believe that in the near future there will be many more smart technologies which will make our driving even more pleasant and safer.

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