Elements to Consider When Buying a BMX Bike

BMX Bike

According to the National Cycling Participation Survey, conducted every two years since 2011, about 3.43 million Australians ride bikes for transportation or enjoyment on a normal week. According to the 2019 data, cycling is one of Australia’s most popular types of physical activity. More than 80% of individuals ride their bikes for enjoyment, whereas less than a third use them as a means of transport.

Earlier, if you wanted a top-notch bike, you had to build it from the ground up. Nowadays, you can get bmx bikes in Australia for a reasonable price that includes high-quality components straight out of the box. There are, however, a few factors to consider while purchasing the ideal BMX setup, considering that there are multiple BMX brands and various sorts of BMX bikes for different riding styles.

Aspects Of Your Riding

Before looking at BMX bikes, you should think about what kind of riding you want to do. Do you intend to spend most of your time riding on flatland, dirt, parks, or the streets? You shouldn’t expect a flatland BMX bike to perform well in other disciplines, but it doesn’t mean you can’t ride it on the road or in a park.

Some brands, like the Inception Colony BMX, don’t mention what riding style they’re meant for, so you’ll have to look at their specifications to see whether they’ll work for you. Even if you’re only going to be riding for pleasure, there are a few other things you should be looking for to guarantee that you’re making the right decision.


Chromoly, a lightweight alloy metal, is the appropriate material for bmx bikes in Australia. High-tensile strength materials are used in many bikes, which is fine, but it reduces their longevity and increases their weight. The amount of Chromoly in the bike’s tubing must be considered. With two bikes that cost the same, the one with more Chromoly is likely superior. BMX bicycles are, of course, more expensive when they have more Chromoly in their alloy.


Even though a few centimetres may not seem like much, it’s actually quite a lot. Even a few centimetres can make a noticeable difference in how a bike feels. Fortunately, most manufacturers produce complete BMX bikes in various sizes, making them suitable for riders of all ages and sizes. Size charts can be found online or at local BMX shops, where you can ride many bikes to determine which one is the greatest fit for you.

Look at Weight

Suitable components and high-quality materials are typically found on a bike that is minimal in overall weight. However, if you’re just starting, don’t be intimidated by bikes that are a little heavier. Before you can reap the benefits of light bikes, there is a lot of ground to cover. However, if you begin to ride more frequently, a lighter bike will allow you to maintain better control over it and ride longer before becoming fatigued.


Everyone has a budget. The price of BMX bikes can range from a few hundred AUD to upwards of several thousand AUD. Decide on a price range and shop around to find the best deal within that range. Avoid falling in love with a high-end bike if you can only afford to pay for half of it. 

Wrapping It Up

Keep these useful suggestions in mind when shopping for BMX bikes. To ensure that your bike continues to operate without any hiccups, you should bring it in for some preventative maintenance regularly.

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