3 Ways Patio Furniture Can Save the Day

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On the classic television sitcom The Mary Tyler Moore Show, the titular actress played a character named Mary Richards. She was friendly, smart, and kind and everyone who met her fell in love with her. The one bad thing about Mary Richards was that she could not throw a decent party to save her life.

No matter how hard she tried, something always went wrong. Whether it was the food, the mood, or the dudes, something she hadn’t planned for inevitably brought her parties to a swift and stunning conclusion.

Mary Richards threw all of her parties in her little one-room apartment. There was nowhere for people to go when things got heated, so everything tended to boil over. If you’re into the idea of entertaining this summer, you should know that the right patio furniture can help your soiree from turning from fab to flop.

In this article, we’re going to discuss three ways you can use the right patio furniture to help make your party a success.

Don’t Rain on My Parade

Even if you plan your summer party to take place completely indoors, the weather can have a way of ruining things. 

Barometric pressure is a scientific measurement of the effect weather has on the air pressure. When a storm is imminent, the barometric pressure rises. This has a proven effect on our bodies. In some people, it can cause increased aches and pains. In many of us, it can cause headaches and even trigger similar symptoms to anxiety disorders.

If you’re planning a party and you feel a change in the air, never fear! The right patio furniture with umbrella can help save the day! When rain falls, what you aren’t seeing at the atomic level is that free ions are falling, too. When water is rolling around up in the clouds waiting to become rain, it is breaking apart at a molecular level.

Once it falls, the water has a positive charge. Our bodies respond to this positive charge by heightening our mood. It’s why Hollywood loves to set romantic scenes in the middle of a torrential downpour – it’s because we’re naturally wired to relax and feel happy in the middle of all that rain.

Take your party outside if it threatens to rain. A nice outdoor rug can help keep shoes from becoming too muddy and is easily cleaned once the party is over. Although it seems counterintuitive, you’ll watch with delight as your guests’ faces reveal the dissipation of tension when they step outside and play in the rain like kids again. 

Coronavirus Spike

Perhaps you have been planning a vacation for your family now that you are all vaccinated and ready to travel again. You’ve been promising a trip to Paris for years and now it’s finally time to make good on your promise. Even your teenage son, who has been moody and distant for years, is excited to be going on the trip. He even came home and gave you a hug and a kiss the other day without being asked, that’s how much the promise of the trip has meant to him.

But then the worst happens. A new variant is discovered and is running rampant throughout Europe. Countries begin placing travel restrictions again. You couldn’t take the trip even if you wanted to. Click the link: https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/region/france for help tracking Covid rates worldwide. 

So what can you do? Just stand by and watch as your son slides back into a crippling depression? Hope he doesn’t decide to go out with his friends and shoot out windshields with cheap BB guns they got at the local superstore?

No, that won’t be happening this summer. Not if you bring Paris to your home! A cute wrought iron café set can be combined with mood lighting and continental food to give you and your loved ones the feeling of travelling beyond your own little corner of the world. 

Getting a few sets adds to the atmosphere and will make you feel like you’re really sitting in a French café. Your kids can snap pictures and post them online to make it look like they really made the trip. 

Say it With Pride!

With the country in political turmoil, many gay pride events are becoming the source of conflict. Click here for more information about these incidents. You can save the day by turning your backyard into a safe oasis for any friends or family members who identify themselves with the queer community.

Choosing bright, colorful furniture in all the colors of the rainbow is a great way to show your love and support during this troubling time. Snap a few pics and show the world that you’re a loving, tolerant person – who also happens to be able to throw a killer party. Eat your heart out, Mary Richards!

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