Virtual phone number registration and verification  


Nowadays, when more and more functions become available in digital format, additional sms verification virtual number becomes more and more necessary. It can be used in a lot of cases, whether it’s registration on various sites or just a way to protect yourself from scammers.

Virtual phone number – redirects all incoming calls to other, predefined phone numbers in a broad order. It has a standard set of numbers for direct or mobile numbers and works without additional equipment or constant change of SIM cards.

You can also use a virtual number on a computer, tablet, IP phone, or regular landline phone connected via an IP gateway. Some virtual quota numbers on the FMC SIM. To perceive the software on a smartphone or computer.

Key advantages of a virtual number:

  • no need for a physical device when you have a virtual mobile number;
  • you can manage many messages at the same time;
  • simultaneously send messages to an unlimited number of numbers;
  • no need for a mobile connection – only Wi-Fi;
  • multiple people can use the same account

Business virtual numbers 

The telephone is an important link with customers and is an essential attribute of today’s business community. Virtual numbers are often used for a quick start, as the connection process takes a few minutes. No need to lay wires, buy additional equipment, or call the master. Even for calls, you can use existing PCs, laptops, smartphones, or other mobile devices.

One of the key benefits this brings to entrepreneurs is that they don’t need to enter lengthy or costly mobile network contracts and don’t need a physical device. This, in turn, means that they can allow multiple users to send and receive messages at the same time at no additional cost – and may even allow them, in some cases, to opt out of using mobile phones for business altogether, adding value.

Phone number for SMS from OnlineSIm

OnlineSim is a proven provider of virtual numbers in the telecommunications market. During his time in business, he managed to grow into an international firm whose clients come from more than 70 countries and regions. The main advantage of the company is the simplicity and speed of the algorithm for providing a virtual number. Often, it is enough for a client to make an appropriate request – buy phone number for SMS, in his personal account and wait for a confirmation SMS to arrive.

There are two tariffs for users to choose from. Tariff for a one-time receipt of messages to a number from only one site/application selected when ordering. And a full-fledged rental of a number in 24 countries to receive SMS from any site. Also on the OnlineSim website is available 24/7 support that can help with various difficulties that have arisen.

Thus, using the selected OnlineSim tariff for a virtual number, it becomes possible to increase the efficiency and flexibility of your business, as well as just to receive SMS when registering in social networks. Be sure to check the website for more info!

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