Comparing CureMD vs. Elation Health EMR Features (2022)

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CureMD EHR Software

CureMD is an EMR system that automates your healthcare firm’s clinical, financial, and administrative operations. It is easy to use, adaptable, and interoperable. As a result, multiple healthcare practitioners from diverse specializations benefit from CureMD EMR. The program helps them increase their operations’ efficiency, achieve uninterrupted transmission of information, and deliver better patient results and satisfaction.

CureMD EHR Features

Patient Portal

The CureMD patient portal allows your patients to request online appointments and refills safely, receive test results, utilize educational equipment, and update their health, history, allergies, demographics, and insurance information.

The web-based Patient Portal eliminates the need for patients to wait in line for an appointment or a copy of their health records. In addition to accomplishing patient engagement objectives, the CureMD patient portal helps patients review their medical status.

Lab Integration

Using CureMD’s innovative lab interface technology, you can connect to each of your selected labs. The majority of laboratories permit electronic order submission and result retrieval.

Comparing current and historical results, alerts for unexpected outcomes and advanced reporting are all elements that can help you offer safer and more effective care for your patients.

Medical Billing Solution

CureMD Medical Billing Service covers all parts of your billing, including claim formation, speedy filing, aggressive follow-up, rejection management, appeals, payment uploading, monitoring, and actively instructing practice employees to get you paid 6% more and 35% faster.

CureMD EHR Software has twenty years of experience in medical billing and is equipped with cutting-edge technologies and organizational excellence to develop billing operations. Overall, CureMD gives your practice the adaptability and reach necessary for success, whether you seek to enhance the quality of care for your patients, increase reimbursements, or just stay ahead of the technology curve.


CureMD EMR is a next-generation interoperability platform that facilitates data sharing across all parties. You can exchange data with numerous platforms, such as pharmacies, hospitals, patients, electronic devices, radiology services, and immunization centers.

CureMD EMR Pricing

A monthly subscription to CureMD EHR Software provides expert training and additional support services. Monthly fees for CureMD EMR are $295 per provider. The Practice Management System is included in the suite, costing $395 per month per provider.

Elation EHR Software

Elation EHR is a cloud-based EMR software system renowned for its adaptability and level of data security. They enable the remote maintenance of patient data repositories for security purposes. Increasing numbers of physicians are incorporating cloud-based software like Elation EHR into their operations.

Elation Health recognizes the value of primary care. It assists primary care professionals in preserving the art of medicine while succeeding in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Elation EHR Features

Electronic Prescription

The electronic prescription capabilities of the Elation EMR system are an attractive feature. The EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) has certified the program, allowing experts to prepare and distribute online prescriptions safely. EPCS ensures that the appropriate medications are administered to the right individuals at the correct times. Reduced medication, medicine, and writing errors result in improved medical outcomes. Elation EMR is among the top EMRs for urgent care due to its internet accessibility.

Patient Portal

Elation EHR provides a patient portal that stores a client’s medical history, current prescriptions, vaccines, test results, diagnoses, and other pertinent information. Customers can securely access the information needed via the online platform. This user-friendly client interface allows patients to schedule appointments, obtain medication refills, pay bills, and view statements. This avoids workplace disturbances and saves your employees money and time.

In addition, patients are not compelled to wait until business hours to discuss their concerns with practitioners. As long as they have internet access, they can utilize this cloud-based EMR Software from any location.

Three Pane View

The Elation EMR reviews praise the software for providing a three-dimensional representation of medical records for a patient. With this, physicians can operate more efficiently and successfully. They can also review the patient’s medical history and treat chronic and acute conditions seamlessly. Additionally, Elation EMR is secure and easy to use. The app offers a user-friendly interface. Users adore the software’s ease of use and capacity to boost collaboration.

Clinical Charting and Documentation

Customers can simply modify the pre-built frameworks included with Elation EHR to match their individual needs. According to Elation EMR reviews, the templates also assist therapists in meeting specific coding and regulatory criteria, allowing them to record client visits more quickly. As a result, you may spend less time documenting and more time improving the medical outcomes of your clients. You can also use the Elation EMR app to access the software while on the go. 

The program’s charting component initiates the billing process and keeps track of the complete customer visit. As a result, you will be able to automate your billing operations, documentation, and recording activities. In addition, you can configure the healthcare templates to complete the meeting form automatically.

Elation EMR Pricing

The Elation EMR pricing is based on a per-user cost instead of a monthly subscription. This means that you pay for each user separately and determine their costs. The basic monthly pricing begins at $275.00.

CureMD vs. Elation Health EMR – Which One to Choose?

Unfortunately, we can’t answer this question for you as it depends on your practice and its requirements. CureMD and Elation Health have pros and cons; however, you have to decide which is more suitable for your requirements. 

You can contact the vendor to schedule a demo before purchasing. The demo will help you explore the software in real-time and navigate its features. Moreover, you can read user reviews online to see what current users have to say about the software. User reviews also provide detailed insights into the pros and cons of each software.

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