Processes Involved in Inhalant Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment

It may appear like a thousand miles to go before you become sober, yet taking the first step is what makes you cross the miles. And the first step toward treating inhalant abuse is seeking help.  

Many people wish to De-addict. However, they go weak in front of the substance. When their high withers off and it is time for the next dose they simply can’t stop taking it. In this case, you can always call the addiction hotline for help. Experts will intervene and help to enroll in a treatment course. They will assess your situation to customize a treatment plan for you. 

The first phase of treatment 

Generally, treatment for inhalants begins with detox. It may take several weeks before your system is completely clean of the substance. Usually, it takes longer than other drugs to get your body rid of inhalants because these chemicals build up in the fatty tissues of your liver, heart, brain, and muscles. 

Withdrawal symptoms 

During detoxification, you may experience withdrawal symptoms. They include:

  • Vomiting
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Fatigue
  • Hand tremors
  • Short-term hallucinations

The severity of symptoms depends on the degree of inhalant addiction. The symptoms usually appear 24-48 hours after the last use. 

Benefits of in-patient rehabilitation 

When withdrawing from inhalants it is better to be in an in-patient center. This way, you can be under the constant supervision of the medical team. They will help you tackle the withdrawal symptoms. For example, they can give you medication to deal with vomiting. 

Symptoms like irritability and anxiety may make you desperate. You might get a strong urge to sniff the chemical. When you are inside a center you can better cope with such psychological symptoms thanks to therapists and counselors present there. 

Moreover, inhalants are not illegal. It is easy to get them at your nearby store. Somebody withdrawing from inhalants through an outpatient facility might get access to the chemicals after their therapy session.

But if you are inside a rehab center, you get no access to chemicals of any kind. The center has a strict rule of 24×7 sobriety. 

Physical examination before treatment 

Many centers insist the addict undergo a physical examination to rule out the possibility of having an inhalant-related health complication. Inhalants can damage the liver and kidneys. So, it is important to get a few tests done to make sure your vital organs are working fine. If not, you may need medical treatment. 

Mental health assessment 

Apart from a physical exam, experts assess the patient for co-occurring mental disorders. They play a significant role in making you use substances. It is inevitable to treat the disorders for complete recovery and to diminish the chance of relapses. 

Also, certain disorders arise due to inhalant use. You must address these too for a healthy future. 
Places like the Minnesota drug rehab center are known to treat a person physically, mentally, and spiritually for complete recovery. So, if you are struggling with addiction to inhalants, lose no hope. Enroll in the center today and start a new life.

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