Choosing The Perfect Gown For Your Body Type


Prom nights are one of the most important nights in a young girl’s life. Hence, it is vital that you look and feel your best and carry that look with confidence. If you plan on wearing a gown to your prom night, take a breather and understand what would look good in the first place. 

Gowns are particular to your individual body type and must be bought accordingly. By wearing the right dress, you will draw attention to your best features and hide those that you would rather not show.

So, before you go hunting for a dress, slow down a little and analyse your body type. Here is how you do it.

What sort of gown suits is perfect for your body type?

Your prom night is one among the most exciting nights of your life, especially once you dawn on a beautiful gown that compliments your body. Furthermore, with the Australian bridal stores’ market size growing with a CAGR of 3.4%, a large number of options are actually available in the market. 

But to choose the right dress, you might have a proper understanding of your body type. Mentioned below are the various body types, pointers on identifying them, and the perfect gowns for each one. Read on.

1. Petite 

Your body type will be classified as petite if you are below 5’3″ in height. If you have a petite frame, you have to choose your gown smartly.

Instead of drowning yourself in extra fabric, you can consider going for something that shows off your body. Adding more material over your body will only highlight your short stature. 

Rather than a full skirt, you can go for a shorter dress, since short fitted dresses can help you look taller.

2. Hourglass 

An hourglass body type entails a proportionate bust to hips ratio. If you have a waist that is well-defined, then you have an hourglass figure. 

An hourglass figure demands you to show off that shape. So, a body-hugging gown is definitely going to make a mark. In essence, go for a dress that accentuates your waistline. This figure allows you to wear whatever you want, since it comes paired with stunning proportions.

3. Boxy

A boxy body type generally has a similar waist, bust, and hip measurements. 

Your best feature is your legs, and you need to show them off. Although, you have to be subtle about it and mask it below the illusion of showing off your waist. 

Go for high-slit gowns for the perfect opportunity to show off your beautiful legs.

4. Pear-shaped 

This body type entails significantly larger hips in comparison to your bust. With a well-defined waistline, you now need to call attention to the upper half of your body. 

This is because the lower half is already accentuated by its beautiful pear shape, and you must highlight the collarbone. 

In this case, a strappy gown can give you the perfect subtle look, allowing you to show off actually just the right amount of skin. 

5. Busty 

A busty body type generally refers to one with a considerably larger bust than hips. With not such a well-defined waist, you need to make efforts to balance out your bust and define it to usher in balance. 

Hence, long gowns with some extra fabric on the lower end would do perfectly on a busty body type. 

Wrapping up

Choosing the right prom dress might seem tedious, with a beautiful collection of gowns currently available on the market. But once you understand your body type well, shopping for that dress will be multiple folds easier. 

Go through the above article properly to understand what exactly would fit your frame, and go nuts.

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