Best Secured Email Providers To Protect User Privacy


People have been using email to exchange messages for a long time. It allows the users to send texts through the internet globally in seconds. Many businesses also use the email tool to connect with their clients. Email is used to send details like bills, tax statements, etc. Email privacy is necessary to protect personal information. Major email providers like Gmail, Yahoo, and Outlook do not provide complete user privacy. Many users suffer in the case of their data security and privacy. Also, these email providers scan your messages for ad targeting and generate quick replies. They also track user purchase history through the receipts present in emails.You can check more details here

Many users are concerned as big email providers share their data with advertisers and government agents. Nowadays, users also think hundred times before sending a confidential mail to someone. Big email providers do not provide complete end-to-end encrypted email services. It also makes others vulnerable to vicious online attacks. Hackers can take advantage of your personal information for fraud or identity theft. So, email privacy is much crucial for individuals and companies. You need to hire a private email provider for security and privacy. In this article, we will tell you about the best private email providers:

Best Private Email Providers

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Private email providers are available that protect user data privacy. They use the best security-related features to keep your personal information secure. They prevent hackers from targeting user email accounts. You do not have to worry about the privacy and security of your emails after using a private email service. Below, you can check the details for the best private email providers: 

1. ProtonMail

ProtonMail is a private and secured email provider with over one million users. You can keep your identity anonymous with them and send emails to others. Another best thing about ProtonMail is that they do not store the user’s IP address. ProtonMail uses end-to-end encryption to secure emails. Its free version provides 500 MB of email storage and 150 messages per day. 

2. Mailfence

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Mailfence is the best private email provider that uses OpenPGP encryption. This encryption technology does not let anybody read the users’ secret emails. They also provide the feature of symmetric password encryption. It allows the sender and recipient to use a password to decrypt emails. You can use Mailfence for free to get 500 MB of storage space. They charge affordable prices from the users for their private email services.

3. Telios

Telios is the best private email provider that keeps users’ privacy first. They allow users to send and receive emails to any email address. They keep your data stored in a decentralized storage service called SIA. You can access it through IPFS. Telios uses end-to-end encryption to keep your confidential emails and metadata secure. Telios also allow the users to sync all their devices with their platform. Free and paid users can send emails to non Telios users as well. You can also check their plains to get additional benefits.  

4. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is the best private email provider for businesses concerned about their data privacy. They do not track and scan your private information for advertising purposes. Also, they encrypt users’ data and store it in locations spread across different countries. Zoho Mail provides other features like spam filtering and malware detection. They also give a suite of open-source office apps to the users. You can also afford the services of Zoho Mail as their plans start from $1.


5. Tutanota 

Tutanota is a unique private email provider that uses two-factor authentication and end-to-end encryption. They encrypt the entire inbox of the users. Also, Tutanota uses symmetric and asymmetric end-to-end encryption. Many news reporters and human rights activists prefer their private email services for communication. This anonymous email service does not scan user data. Also, they provide the best free plan than other providers. Tutanota provides 1 GB of cloud storage to the users. 


You can use private email services if you are concerned about your data security and privacy. These email services will protect you from attacks by hackers. Also, no one can use your data for marketing and advertisement. The above private email providers provide the best features to secure your data. 

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