TOP 10 Apps for Drivers in 2022

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Proper use of your smartphone can help you to replace a navigator, radar detector, and even a DVR while driving. The main thing is to download the right apps. We have collected the most useful ones that will help to find a car in any city, check the engine, and show the route without traffic jams.

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#1. Waze

This app is number one among the best apps for drivers. Waze provides information on traffic jams, police posts, etc. This data is based on both the app’s system and drivers’ reports. Registered users can communicate with each other and notify about different traffic situations. Therefore, any route is quickly updated with new information.

#2. Parkopedia

One of the best apps for drivers on iPhone and Android, which contains information about more than 70 million parking lots in 89 countries (USA, UK, Japan, China, etc). You can quickly find parking lots (including free ones) around you, check free ones, and find out opening hours. In the app, you can reserve a parking lot and pay for parking.

#3. MultiGo

This free app monitors gas prices in real timeю It can really help, especially during long car trips. The app shows you the nearest gas station. Thanks to the “I’m here” feature, it will send an SMS with your location for a tow truck and help you to book a room in a hotel.

#4. Car Scanner

An app for self-diagnosis of the car. Now, if you see a problem notification on your dashboard, the app will read the error and decipher it. You will find out what exactly is out of order and how urgently you need to contact the service center. The app works with cars compatible with the OBD-II (on-board diagnostics) standard. Additionally, it can be used as a projector on the windshield (there is a mirror mode) and a trip computer. There are free and premium versions. In the paid one, you turn off ads and get additional sensors (calculated value of engine load, short-term and long-term correction).

#5. Incardoc

One more app for scanning cars. It finds errors, monitors the car state, and saves data to track changes. It also works with cars compatible with the OBD-II standard. The premium version works without ads, records indicators in real time, and stores data on a cloud server. It also reads system errors, deciphers them, and collects information from various sensors — speed, voltage, fuel status. The list depends on what parameters the car provides.

#6. Trapster

This app will warn you about speed control posts, traffic accidents, traffic jams, and roadworks. You will be informed about the video cameras recording the traffic. In short, the app will provide you with all the information you need to choose the right route and speed.

#7. CarTaxi

You can search for tow trucks in different regions, obtaining visual information about the prices of private services, whose prices are much lower than by tow trucks assigned to technical centers and insurance companies. 


This app provides comprehensive information about almost all the roads in the world. Maps.mi has one important advantage: all maps downloaded in advance can work without Internet access. Moreover, this app is free of charge.

#9. Roadly

It will help in a situation when you need a DVR, but do not have it. With Roadly, your smartphone becomes the DVR. One more bonus: the app recognizes road signs.

#10. TripAlyizer

Thanks to this app, you will find out how skillfully you drive a car. You will receive a driving performance score based on your driving habits. The app provides the following information:

  • How much gasoline do you use per mile (MPG);
  • How much carbon dioxide is emitted by your car;
  • How much fuel did you refuel.

Remember: proper use of your smartphone will save your time and improve road safety.

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