Bikini has been a popular summer swimwear for more than seven decades. The types of bikini swimwear include bandeaukini, fringe bikini, string bikini, microkini, tankini, trikini, sling bikini, skirtini, and high-waist bikini. Bikini has legal implications; few places have specific restrictions to wear the bikini, and wearing it in some areas would be an offence. Few countries have banned the bikini completely.

The movies popularise bikinis. Over the years, the movie audience has witnessed the evolution of bikinis. Initially, the bikinis covered most of the upper and the upper-middle body. Today, bikinis such as Kate Bock bikini are available in various materials: neoprene, spandex, nylon, polyester, and polypropylene. Bikinis are recognized in the sports and beauty fields. Bikinis are officially the women’s beach volleyball wear. The first beauty pageant competition was bikini-themed; the bikini is now a part of almost every pageant competition. Several ancient paintings indicate that bikinis were an integral part of several cultures. Today’s bikinis are designed to cater to the needs of every culture.


The body shapes are hourglass, pear, spoon, triangle, inverted triangle, and straight. Manually, the body’s profile can be measured based on the sizes of bust, waist, hips, and high hip. Several sites are designed to cater to that need; depending on the comfort factor, the size of the bikini can be smaller or bigger than the size mentioned.


Hourglass body type looks excellent with the bikini that accentuates the body silhouette. The choices include:

  • Strapless tops
  • Embellished bikini sets
  • Coordinating colour sets
  • One-piece swimsuits
  • Ruffled tops
  • Minimalist bikinis such as mid-way strapped tops

Bikini tops can be paired with string bottoms and simple bottoms to get the best out of the look.


Bikinis that accentuate the upper body will be an excellent choice for the pear body type. The pear body type is also known as the bottom hourglass. The body type works well with bikinis such as light-coloured, push-up, patterned, one-piece, padded, and tankinis. Various bikinis with wide straps are a popular bikini top choice among pear body-typed consumers.


The best bikinis for the spoon body type are those that accentuate the lower body. Bikini tops such as embellished, light-coloured, ruffled, push-up, and patterned work well for the body type. The bikini tops can be combined with dark-coloured bottoms and pick bottoms. Tankinis and retro swimsuits with this body type work well too.


Bikinis such as Kate Bock bikini that emphasize the upper body will be an excellent bikini choice for triangle body types. Bikinis such as ruffled tankinis, A-line skirt swim dresses, strapless bandeau, padded, embellished, and patterned and ruffled work well for the body type.


Inverted triangle body shape works well with the bikinis that accentuate the lower body— the bikinis such as strapped, simple, solid-coloured, simple tankini work great with bottoms such as strung, embellished, and ruffled.


The straight body type is also known as the rectangle body type. Bikinis that accentuate the overall body is an excellent choice for this body type. This can be done through bikinis that are patterned, ruffled, embellished, and light-coloured.


Bikinis are essential summer attire. The best bikinis are those which provide comfort and style. Thus, it is easier to choose the most comfortable and stylish bikinis by knowing the body type.

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