Four Ways Bikinis Can Double Up As Daily Wear


For people who love the beaches, the sandcastles and the sun, shopping for the right beachwear can seem pretty exciting. However, have you ever wondered about the fate of the bikinis and beach shorts post-summer? Beach clothes remain idle and sleeping in your closets until next summer. Beachwear can double up as modest daily wear when styled the right way. Bikini tops can pair with maxi gowns and, there is no way you can go wrong. Passing on the trend from Hadid, you can comfortably slip on in your bikinis with a pair of apt trousers and walk down the public without fear!

How to wear a bikini top differently?

Australia has more than 12,000 beaches and, the country has more than 300 million beach visits every year (as of 2017). For people who are intensively in love with their swimsuit buy, no wonder there are several excuses to wear them in public. While some people prefer flaunting their figure with their brand new beach suit, you can now do that in public and go boldly beautiful. When carried elegantly, beach clothes are comfortable outfits and a fashion idea to not regret. Here is a list of ways you can style your bikini to wear flawlessly,

1. Add a blazer

Nothing is more elegant than carrying a bikini top with so much class. Layer your favourite bikini with a blazer. Try going monochrome with this pair to achieve a balanced colour tone at the end. With blazers, the go-to choice is a boyfriend blazer for a toned look. Avoid buttoning the blazer to ensure you show off your bikini top. You can also pick an oversized blazer if you’d like to go different from the crowd. Draped and longline blazers are other well-known options that can work with a bikini. Denim jackets can be on the list for a casual look!

2. Pick a pair of trousers

Try pairing bikini tops with loose trousers as skin-fitting pants or jeans can go overboard. With bikinis, a pair of coloured pants are the best choice. In this look, the best thing to do is go monochrome. Pick a slightly covered bikini not to layer the top or add a blazer. For a more comfy look, wear a modest bikini with fine details and a pair of matching trousers and, you are all done! You can also try out printed floral pants with a solid coloured bikini or go monochrome- it depends on your mood.

3. Add a slip dress

Pick a plain slip dress if you are so obsessed with your bikini and would prefer to wear it on a party night. Now, all you will have to do is wear the bikini over the slip dress to give an illusion of a onesie without showing traces of mixes. White onesies are the go-to choice for these looks. However, black can be another good choice. With this look, you also have the freedom to accessorise and add jewellery that will look streamlined and not overdressed. 

4. Pair it with a skirt

Bikinis make an impeccable pair with mini skirts. There is always scope for elegance with this look as you have versatile dresses to choose from. Denim short skirts are a must-have for matching with a bikini. Without any doubt, denim skirts can work well with all colours, shades and patterns of bikinis. If you want to keep the look less revealing, add a buttoned shirt over the bikini. You can either fold the shirt near the waist or let it loos with the buttons open to leave a cosy appeal.

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