Why play esports?

play esports

According to studies, many of the same benefits of lawn sports are seen in Esports, albeit without the actual exertion. Participating in organized Esports like at ข่าวesport teaches you collaboration, communication, and sportsmanship. Our players will benefit from the advent of a digital Esports league since it will help them further strengthen the cognitive skills they are presently honing on the grass. 

Cognitive and Social Growth

Hand-eye coordination has improved.

Improved visual acuity and attention

The ability to comprehend basic visual information and to exercise executive control has improved.

Two talents that can be developed are problem-solving and strategy-making.

Gaming, according to 71% of parents, has a net positive impact on their children.

Increases player confidence and socialization.

According to 54% of gamers, gaming allows them to connect with their peers.

Scholarships for College Students

Over 280 colleges and universities now offer esports scholarship programs. These programs are similar to regular programs and are sometimes conducted by college athletic departments.

Due to the restricted number of grass soccer scholarships available, many players may discover that concentrating on Esports is a feasible method to win significant college scholarships. All athletes who compete in our leagues will be added to a national scouting director for Esports scholarships, which will help them find out about opportunities.

Academic Excellence

Esports players have been shown to have a higher average GPA and a stronger interest in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses. Children can communicate with their classmates and schools

 through esports.

Techniques for Solving Problems

According to a study, kids who play video games actively have a better chance of navigating through difficult psychological challenges than kids who don’t.

Job Market in the Future

Students that play video games increase their intelligence and employability in fields such as medical, engineering, aviation, remote piloting, computer science, and others.

Considering the Big Picture

Esports can help children develop strategic thinking, teamwork, communication, leadership, performance talents, and confidence.

Coordination of the hands and eyes

Gaming is unique in that it requires excellent hand-eye coordination. Almost every activity necessitates it, and racquet sports like table tennis, tennis, and badminton come to mind as the most “similar” to esports. Gaming and esports are distinguished by the requirement for asymmetrical hand-eye coordination.

Gamers must be able to multitask with both hands at the same time in order to do this. Consider how you play games like League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive; you’ll need to coordinate two independent mouse and keyboard motions.

Thinking Critically

This should be self-evident for those who are already involved in esports, competitive gaming, or simply recreational gaming. Maybe you’re not aware of how gaming can improve critical thinking or haven’t given it much thought.

Players in gaming, especially competitive gaming and esports, must acquire and interpret vast amounts of data before making split-second decisions over and over. Competitive gaming is similar to a more powerful form of chess (even that speed style of chess that uses the clock).

Gaming needs you to consider what your opponent is thinking and what you believe your opponent is thinking about you (I hope that made sense).

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