How to Care for Your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Gi

The clothing you use for your everyday routines is one of the most valuable things you have in your life. Anyone can’t deny that treating and caring for those things appropriately to last and serve its purpose is a must. In addition, those things that you use everyday have instructions, suggestions, or tips on how you can take care of those belongings correctly.

It has become a part of our lives and a practice that any valuable thing we own should be treasured and taken care of properly. So it is also necessary that you take special care of your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi, just as you would do with any other item of our favorite apparel. Moreover, if you know how to wash and care for your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi properly, your Gi will surely last for a very long time, and you may be able to utilize it well.

How to Care for Your BJJ Gi?

There are some general rules to follow while caring for your BJJ gear, most especially your Gi. In addition, these guidelines can be applied to the majority of your clothing. Moreover, there are many things to keep in mind, but let’s simplify those for easy usage.

The general guidelines to follow:

  • Do not leave your BJJ gi in your backpack for days after training. If you don’t wash it right away after class, hang it to dry first. After you’ve hung your BJJ gi, place it in the laundry basket.
  • Turn your garments inside out. On the inside, there is more filth than on the outside. Through this, you may be able to keep the colors of your clothing.
  • Never use bleach because it will diminish the life of your Gi.
  • For sports clothing, always use washing liquid or anti fungal soap. In addition, ordinary washing powders or liquids cling to the cloth, obstructing the air passage.

How to Clean and Properly Wash your Gi? 

Your BJJ gi may be washed in the same manner as any other piece of clothes. In addition, you can also wash this with BJJ soap if you want to be sure that the components of your gi will be preserved. Moreover, BJJ soap has natural ingredients to ensure that its components will not destroy your gi. You should handle it with care to prevent the materials of your BJJ gi from being ruined.

You may wash your Gi together with your other clothes. However, because it might be stinky compared to your regular garments, utilize a longer wash cycle. And also, keep in mind the importance of not using hot temperature water in washing your BJJ gi. Instead, wash your Gi in cool water in a washing machine. Temperatures range from 30 to 40 degrees Celsius (86 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit). Using hot water on it will indeed shrink your Gi.

Is it Safe to Use a Dryer With my Gi?

Never use a dryer on your BJJ GI. Drying your gi in the dryer may be easier, but it comes at a cost, much like storing your gi in your bag as well as bleaching it. In addition, the heat from the dryer might cause your gi to shrink. Moreover, it can also solidify any stains that you missed during the quick check you have done, making them very hard to remove afterwards.

How do you handle a foul odor?

If your BJJ gi still stinks after washing, you should pre-wash it with a water-vinegar combination. This technique will surely get rid of the foul odor in your gi due to sweat after your jiu jitsu training. No need to worry; here are the steps in pre-washing with a water-vinegar combination. Take note that you should only use distilled white vinegar.

  • Add approximately ¼ cup of water to the bowl.
  • Allow your gi to soak in the mixture overnight.
  • Your gi should be washed in the washing machine.

Kill and Get Rid of Bacteria

If you are looking for jiu jitsu near me and want to learn jiu jitsu, you should learn how to take good care with your BJJ gears. In addition, the easiest and most natural method in killing bacteria on your BJJ gi is to use the sun. So, whenever you get the opportunity, expose your BJJ clothes to the sun. If the sun isn’t available, use white vinegar instead. Then, simply repeat the procedures for eliminating smells from your gi.


If you want your precious belongings to last and serve its purpose, you should learn how to take care and treat it properly. As a result, you should always wash and clean your Gi to prevent it from deteriorating.

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