3 Tips for Planning the Perfect Gender-Neutral Baby Shower

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Whether you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or a loved one, picking out the perfect theme and décor can often be a daunting task. 

While in some cases going with gender-specific color palettes (pinks and blues) are the go-to options, more and more parents-to-be are either choosing to keep the gender of their new bundle of joy a surprise or prefer a more contemporary feel for their baby shower celebration.

In need of some inspiration? Here is a trio of tips on how to plan the perfect gender-neutral baby shower.

1. Start with a Gender-Neutral Theme

First things first: The theme you choose will be reflected in every aspect of the baby shower, from the invitations you send out to the color palette of your décor. It will even be reflected in the food you serve, such as cake colors and cookie shapes.

While a gender-neutral celebration might feel a bit limiting at first, more recent trends have led to a variety of options to choose from, including jungle themes, earth-tone palettes, and even fun play on words such as “Hello Baby” and yellow and cream-colored “What Will It Bee?” themes.

2. Pick Out the Perfect Baby Shower Invitations

Since your theme will first be introduced with the invitations, start by perusing some available options online and building the shower décor around them. Sending out high-quality, neutral-toned, and perfectly themed baby shower invitations is the perfect way to set the stage for the rest of the baby shower.

3. Decide on the Decorations and Overall Décor  

After deciding on a theme and picking out the perfect baby shower invitations, your focus should next be on the decorations. When choosing gender-neutral decorations, here are a few key elements to consider:

  • Overall Décor
    Popular items for the overall décor often include neutral-colored garland, as well as tissue paper lanterns and balloons in coordinating colors. Keep in mind that for gender-neutral themes, simplicity is the key to creating a contemporary feel.
  • Gift and Food Tables
    The tables should be covered in tablecloths that complement the color palette. Consider adding themed garlands around the tables, too. You may also want to incorporate table signs to add interest and fun.
  • Party Favors
    Whether you choose facial scrubs, personalized candles, or little boxes of candies,  be sure to incorporate theme-specific colors into the party favors that guests will take home. From cute little favor boxes to stickers and tags, don’t forget this key element for adding the perfect finishing touches to your gender-neutral baby shower.
  • The Food Menu
    The food you choose is another way to bring your gender-neutral baby shower theme to life. Have cookies made in shapes and decorated with frosting colors that complement your theme. Cake pops on sticks can also add a fun punch of color and height to your food table. Don’t forget the cake and cake topper, too!

Pulling It All Together

With the growing popularity of surprise gender and gender-neutral baby showers, the options for creating the perfect celebration for yourself or your loved one are almost limitless. While choosing the perfect theme may seem overwhelming at first, have fun with it! And don’t forget — the perfect way to find inspiration for the upcoming party is by picking out high-quality baby shower invitations that will introduce your theme and help you create a perfectly put-together gender-neutral baby shower.

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