Win gunfights and climb the ranks of Valorant with this gun guide

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 Winning gunfights in Valorant is not that easy. You need thorough game knowledge, a well-coordinated team, and exceptional game knowledge. The gameplay in Valorant is not that complicated, but due to the minor mistakes players make, ranking up becomes difficult. 

This is where guides like this can become your best friend. Here you will learn about the top tried and tested tips to win gunfights and climb the ranks of Valorant. Also, remember, taking the help of exclusive Valorant cheats will again help you climb up the ladder in Valorant. 

Are you curious to know the tips that are vital to winning valorant? Well, your wait is over. Check out the steps mentioned below to know everything. 

In-depth map knowledge 

In the Valorant map, knowledge is unquestionably necessary. Learning the map should be the first thing you should focus on before even getting into the game’s mechanics. Why is map knowledge so important? Because it tells you about important locations, loot, and whereabouts of people, including your enemy. 

Map knowledge enables you to judge an area from every angle. Hence, with map knowledge, you won’t jump in randomly and get yourself killed. 

Jiggle Peeking 

This is another tactic related to map knowledge. Jiggle peeking is a combination of counter-strafing and map knowledge. To do this, you’ve to walk up to a corner, then walk either right or left. Walk the other way just for a second so that your character comes to a stop. This will help you aim more accurately. 

To add jiggle peeking to the gameplay, complete map knowledge is unquestionable. Jiggle peeking allows you to choose to run away from a fight or choose whether you want to fight or not. 

Improve your arsenal 

Valorant offers numerous weapons. Mastering all of them should be your prime goal in the game. If you know how each weapon works, it will be a huge benefit in eliminating your enemies. If in between a fight you need to change your weapon, knowing every weapon will help you choose instantly. 

Surprise your enemy 

You can’t expect to climb the ranks if you follow a typical game plan. Hence, shock your enemies with sudden flanks and varying angles. A flank can get you one or two crucial picks and kills while the enemy is looking away. 

What’s the next step after killing one or two enemies? If you want to earn more kills, then simply hold an angle and let the opponent push you. Don’t make the mistake of pushing into the enemy’s team once you get a pick in their backline. 

You can either back off completely or hold back. The goal is to move in varying angles in defense so that you see the enemy before they see you. 

Perfecting your fundamentals

Having knowledge about weapons is not enough to rank high in Valorant. You need to know how to shoot them as well. So spare some time to learn the shooting style of each gun. It will help you a lot with headshots and killing the opponent with one shot. 

Apart from the weapons, take some time out to learn the environment of the game. Valorant releases a new map every few months; hence, having enough knowledge about the environment and how the basics work is necessary to win the game. 


Communication is the key to ranking up in Valorant. It is a team game, and you can’t expect to win it alone; therefore, make use of the communication tools the game offers. Valorant has a voice chat, a ping system, and a text chat as well. 

You can use these systems to notify your position, call out enemy locations, highlight loot spots, and even warn about enemy attacks. These are great communication tools to prevent untimely death careless actions. 

Concluding words 

Valorant is a great shooter game. To master this interesting gameplay and win gunfights, you need proper knowledge of the above tips we mentioned. Hopefully, they help you come out victorious and rank up in the game. 

Do you have any more queries? If yes, go to the comment section and let us know about them. We will try to answer them in our next guide. Stay tuned!

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