GK topics for home quizzes- Top suggestions


GK questions help kids to learn and build knowledge about the World. Here are a few topics that you can select for home quizzes.

Kids spend a lot of time watching videos or playing online games in their free time. They don’t help in the growth and development of a child. So parents should take initiative to arrange home quizzes. To make them interesting, they can add some rewards for the winning team.

If you find them being curious to know more about various events around the world, then it is the right time to enroll them into online kids classes like Yellow Class. It will also help parents to learn how to teach their children and change learning sessions into fun activities for kids.

Here are a few suggestive GK questions that you can use for home quizzes.

Age 3-6

Here are a few Gk questions for kids of 3-6 years. Take a reference and look for some others related to these topics or some other important topics.

  • From which part of a plant does fruit grow?


  • Which fruit that is often grown in Asian countries is considered the smelliest fruit in the world?


  • Broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage belong to which type of vegetables?

Cruciferous vegetables.

  • Carrots are rich in which vitamin?

Vitamin A.

  • What are raisins?

Dried grapes.

  • What is the world ranking of the Indian railway network?

3rd largest rail network in the world.

  • How many zones are there under Indian railways?

There are 17 operational zones under Indian railways.

  • A boat is a means of

Water transport

  • An expressway is a type of


  • Cycles and Rickshaws moves with

Human muscular energy

  • Luxurious ships are called


  • Where is the Meenambakkam International airport in India?


  • The Taj Mahal is being affected by 

Air pollution

  • Most polluted river in the world


  • Chlorofluorocarbon is used in

Refrigerator, Air Conditioner.

  • SMOG is formed by

Smoke and fog.

  • Name one major  photochemical SMOG


  • What season has the coldest weather?

Winter season.

  • Which is the hottest season of the year?

Summer season.

  • How many seasons are there?

4 seasons.

  • When do we have the highest rainfall of the year?

 During the rainy season.

  • How many zeros are there in one hundred?


  • In which direction does the sunrise?


  • In which direction does the sunset?


Age 6-12

Here are a few General Knowledge questions for kids in the age group of 6-12 years.

  • How many hours are there in a day?

24 hours.

  • How many colours does a rainbow have?

7 colours.

  • Who is known as the king of the jungle?

The lion.

  • Which is the largest planet in the solar system?


  • Which planet in the solar system has a ring?


  • What is the colour for peace?


  • How many vowels are there in the English alphabet?

Five vowels. A, E, I, O, U.

  • What is the capital of India?

New Delhi

  • How many continents are there in the world?

Seven continents

  • Which is the largest mammal in the world?

Blue whale.

  • Who is the first prime minister of India?

Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru

  • Which is the smallest continent in the world?


  • Who’s the founder of Microsoft?

Bill Gates and Paul Allen.

  • Which is the tallest mountain in the world?

Mount Everest.

  • Which scientist came up with the theory of relativity?

Albert Einstein.

  • Which is the red planet of the solar system?


  • What is the name given for a shape with five sides?


  • What is the name given for a shape with six sides?


  • Which bird lays the largest egg?


  • Which is the world’s largest flower?


  • How many moons are there in an adult human?


  • Who was the first man to step on the moon?

Neil Armstrong.

If you want your child to survive and cope with the competition of survival, make him prepared with the little knowledge of things happening around the world every day.


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