7 Valid and important reasons why you should never defend yourself in a criminal case

It is never an easy task to defend yourself against a criminal charge. Unless you comprehend all the aspects of crime and law that you’ve been charged with along with the defenses that you have, you’re surely going to lose the case. No, you wouldn’t have to defend against each and every element but since every case is different, you have to know the details to fight the case. 

In case you’re charged with any crime, do you have the willpower to defend yourself in court without the help of a solicitor or a jersey city criminal defense attorney? Well, as per reports by the legal charity, Transform Justice, most people are doing this. However, there are experts who recommend people not to fight their own criminal cases. Would you like to know why? Read on to know about the valid reasons you should never defend yourself in court. 

#1: You just get a single arraignment

Most accused think that they’ll appoint a criminal defense lawyer once the arraignment is over but it is important that someone experienced represents you at the arraignment. If there’s no one to speak on your behalf, you won’t be granted bail or receive a considerable amount. 

#2: You can never please the judge

The judge would never be impressed to look favorably on the way you interpret the case law or the statutory law. Since you’re completely inexpert in legal cases, the judge will never be pleased to listen to you. 

#3: You have to wait for a longer time to get your case heard

Being a pro se defendant, you won’t be given any importance amidst the extremely busy system of court and justice. This clearly implies that the case will take even a longer time to be heard at the court. You’ll have to invest more time at the court and less time at work. Hence, it is better to get the help of an attorney. 

#4: There are too many documents involved in this case

When you’re planning to handle the case on your own, it goes without mentioning that you will not be equipped to handle so many legal documents at the same time. There will be several deadlines involved and you’ll find it impossible to handle them on your own. 

#5: You won’t have legal connections like a professional attorney

You will enter the courtroom and represent yourself by saying that you have never come across a judge or the bailiffs or attorney inside the room. On the contrary, when you seek the help of an attorney, he will always be on good terms with the majority of the people. 

#6: You don’t have experience in interviewing witnesses

Being a layman, you must have never conducted a deposition. Do you know how to interview the testifying witnesses? Do you have experience in directing cross-examinations during trial? You have no idea of impeaching a lying witness or how to convey the inconsistencies and issues to the jury. You won’t know the right questions to ask and in what order to ask. 

#7: You can never be objective regarding your case

If you fight your own case, you will certainly be close emotionally to the case. But when an attorney takes a detailed look into your case, he can give an objective look at your case. He will be sure about your strengths and weaknesses and hence he displays them in court. With the help of an attorney, he helps you with a proper defense strategy and a favorable result. 

So, in case you’re facing criminal charges, never make the mistake of representing yourself. Instead, get help from a qualified and experienced lawyer. 

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