What the Future of Casino Bonuses UK Work Looks Like After Coronavirus

The three-week-long coronavirus has had a dramatic impact on the country’s casino industry, with many players feeling more stress about the security of their personal winnings. The future of bonuses in the UK is unclear as they are liable to be reduced to compensate for losses.

One thing that will increase in popularity for casinos is gaming apps like Bwin and Party Casino bonuses UK on top of your deposit.
Importantly, this article will focus on whether you should expect to receive any further bonus offers from your chosen casino, not just how likely it is that they’ll offer one at all.

The impact of Coronavirus on casino retention and bonuses

Players in the UK who play at online casino sites also had to contend with the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, or ‘Coronavirus Mers’ as it is affectionately known. The virus has had a dramatic effect on the country’s casinos, with some players saying that their losses were on par with those experienced during the 2009 financial crisis.

While there are still some operators who are still offering bonuses for players, many casino companies have taken a short-term approach to what bonuses they will offer during this period of uncertainty.

Instead of offering regular bonuses on top of your deposit, the most popular way to attract customers is with a deposit bonus such as the standard 100% on top of your deposit. This is on top of hitting you with all the normal games, promotions, and loyalty schemes that they would usually offer.

If these operators were to offer you additional bonuses on top of this, they need to make that money back somehow and it’s likely that you’ll see further reductions in the quality and quantity of bonuses available. There may also be restrictions placed on types and amounts of games that you can play post-coronavirus.

However, there are still a few operators who have continued to offer bonuses without any restrictions.

Virgin Games has always been a casino provider that has offered an excellent range of promotions for new and existing customers. They have been offering a £25 no deposit bonus which is open to everyone who makes a deposit, even if it’s just £1. That’s on top of their usual bonuses, which include the other usual deals such as referral deals and other loyalty deals to keep you interested in the long-term. Although it isn’t something that they’ve advertised widely, they have said that they’ll continue to offer these bonuses to players during this difficult period.

Unibet has also continued to offer a wide range of bonuses for all its players.

However, the other major operators have taken a different approach, with most choosing to focus on offering bonuses for their new customers. This is because they’re keen to get as many new players on board to help rebuild their customer base. They’re also keen not to alienate their existing customers, but there have been complaints from some that they haven’t got any loyalty from the operators in return for being long-term players.

Sportsbook.com is one of the few that focuses on longer-term sign-up offers, which is something that they’re keen to emphasize. They’ve also kept their standard deposit bonuses in place for existing players, so there are some operators out there who are ensuring that they don’t lose their loyal customers.

It’s clear that you need to be aware of how your chosen operator has reacted to the coronavirus outbreak, but you also need to keep an eye on offers in general. If you find an offer that looks too good to be true, it probably is. While some operators will continue to offer bonuses through this difficult period, you should expect fewer of them and more restrictions on how they can be used.

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