What Makes Custom Clear Tote Bags Ideal for Business Promotions?

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Many people have a habit of carrying bags everywhere they go. Tote bags can hold more items than you can hold in both hands. They are pretty popular as they can be used to carry more stuff. These bags can also be customized to promote your business. Here are some reasons to use custom clear tote bags as promotional products for your business. 

Get Your Brand Noticed

Clear tote bags made of vinyl material have a transparent background. The transparent background makes the brand logo look more prominent, and it instantly attracts people’s attention. Thanks to their large size, they also offer a larger imprint area which can be used to place your business logo and tagline to make it noticeable.  

Compared to printed t-shirts, polo shirts, and jackets, the tote bag offers more imprint space, making them ideal for business promotions. People might not wear the same t-shirt or polo shirt every day, but they can certainly take their tote bag with them everywhere every day.  

If done well, promotional tote bags will attract people passing by at various locations such as grocery stores, supermarkets, parks, malls, etc. So, the person who sees your brand logo or name will not even know they’re being advertised to. 


Custom clear tote bags are inexpensive and cost much less than other traditional promotional items like custom t-shirts, jackets, or polo shirts. It could cost your business $3 or less, depending on the size of the bag and imprinting work. While t-shirt imprinting costs you around $5 -$8 per t-shirt, the imprinting cost of a clear tote bag could be as low as $0.50 per bag. 

Hence, you can save a lot of money by opting for promotional clear tote bags instead of other promotional items. 

Great Freebies

Since they are cheap, they can be given for free to visitors, customers, or prospects at industry events and contests. The recipient will never forget your company name as these bags are ideal for everyday use. People, in general, love freebies, so they will appreciate a free, eco-friendly tote bag that they can take anywhere. 

Can Be Used by Anyone

Unlike t-shirts, jackets, and polo shirts that can fit only one person based on their size, a tote bag can be used by everyone in the house. 

For example, college-going students can take them along when they go shopping, or when they go on trips with their friends. On the other hand, parents can take them along when they go to the grocery store. 


Clear tote bags are made of vinyl which can be recycled when the tote bag is no longer usable. It means your tote bag will not end in a landfill and cause damage to the environment. Vinyl is also used in the construction industry to build structures. It can replace traditional construction material that comes from non-renewable sources.  

Vinyl is 100% recyclable, and only a tiny portion of it ends up in landfills. Unlike other products dumped in landfills, vinyl does not release any harmful gases or chemicals. 

The chlorine in vinyl is firmly locked in the structure during processing, and it does not contaminate the environment in any way. According to experts, as technology improves, we will eventually be able to recycle all vinyl waste globally. 


Vinyl is primarily composed of PVC and is hence waterproof. It means the custom tote bags can be washed and used multiple times. 

Excellent Strength-To-Weight Ratio

Tote bags, made of vinyl or PVC, are strong and have an excellent strength to weight ratio. According to experts, an everyday shopping tote bag measuring 19″ W x 14″ H x 5.5″ D can easily hold 15 magazines, a clipboard, and two books. 

Some large tote bags with greater weight carrying capacity have dual straps to support heavy items. The grocery tote bag features a gusset that gives additional strength to the bag and enhances the strength to weight ratio. 

Lightweight and Attractive

Businesses usually have various options to choose from when it comes to the size and style of clear tote bags. Some popular tote bag styles include a main squeeze tote bag, everyday tote bag, grocery tote bag, zippered tote bag, Wanda tote bag, and stadium tote bag. 

Most people find tote bags with messages and brand logos attractive as they help them make a style statement. The average weight of such bags depends on the dimensions of the bag. 

To sum up, these are some reasons to use custom clear tote bags for business promotions.

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