What Florida Hemp Seeds Says About Your Personal Style

Your personal style is not only exhibited through your clothes, it’s also shown through you. If you are someone with a lot of confidence in themselves, they are most likely to make subtle clothing choices that others might not notice. Likewise, if there is someone who has low self-esteem, they may dress in ways that capture attention and receive compliments. Check out what Florida Hemp Seeds say about your personal style!

There are over 30 different types of seeds found in the hemp plant which have been used for thousands of years to produce textiles and paper products. These days, the plant is often used to harvest edible seeds – also known as hemp hearts – which can be eaten raw or added to dishes for their nutritional benefits.

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Hemp seeds are also used in the production of cannabidiol oil, or CBD oil, which has been largely helping people across the country with pain management. That being said, it may come as no surprise that believers of cannabidiol oil say it can help manage anxiety and depression when used over time, though much more research needs to be done in order to understand how it works exactly.

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With the legalization of marijuana across the majority of states in America, more people are interested than ever before in cannabis and its various products. From CBD oils to THC-rich marijuana oils, there are loads of ways to enjoy marijuana these days. And with its legal status becoming more known than ever before, many people are also starting to learn how to grow their own plants at home. Click here for the best place to buy marijuana seeds.

Florida Hemp Seeds assessed the personal style of over 1,000 Americans involved in the hemp industry and compiled their responses into a personal style infographic that shows how often certain clothing items are worn by them or their peers. According to the graphic, about 60% of men and women wear business casual attire to work daily while around 35% opt for a more casual style. Click here to view the full infographic.

It turns out North Americans like to be comfortable, and while we do love our jeans and cute dresses, we can’t get enough of our pajamas! Both men and women spend about 25% of their time in sweats or pajamas, which could indicate that they just enjoy relaxing after a long day or that their work attire is just too restrictive.

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Florida Hemp Seeds states that about half of Americans wear their favorite clothes on a daily basis and nearly the same amount will only wear something once before they donate it to charity or throw it out. This information indicates that if you happen to have several items of clothing in your closet at the moment, you might not be shopping as often as you think!

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About 65% of those surveyed by Florida Hemp Seeds reported wearing jeans on a daily basis as well as socks and athletic shoes round out the top clothing items worn by most people. This information matches up with what we often hear about in the fashion industry because it means that people don’t like to reinvent the wheel and will stick to what is comfortable and familiar.

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It seems like when it comes to our personal style, women’s opinions tend to differ from men’s significantly. According to the infographic, women tend to wear more formal attire like blazers and dress pants for work while men tend to prefer business casual clothing such as polos and button-downs.

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When it comes to our personal style, we can all be guilty of noticing others and then making bad assumptions about them. However, according to the findings by Florida Hemp Seeds, such assumptions may not always be accurate. This is because when it comes to our clothes choices in public, we don’t necessarily want to make a statement with every single outfit we wear.

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