Private Cloud Managed vs. Unmanaged.

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Cloud computing technology provides organizations with smarter, more efficient ways to run their business, and they can also choose between managing the infrastructure themselves. Or they can opt for managed cloud computing services.

What is Private Cloud Managed?

Private cloud-managed computing is custom built to provide businesses with exclusive access to solutions and resources for their operations without the hassle of having to handle their own services.

Instead, their chosen managed cloud hosting service provider oversees everything for them, and they also provide 24/7 hands-on support, guidance, monitoring, and more, replacing the need for an in-house IT team.

What is Private Cloud Unmanaged?

Private cloud unmanaged is more like a public cloud where organizations pay for the resources they use and do most of the work themselves.

This way, they have the freedom and control to customize and utilize software according to their needs, and it is also a more budget-friendly option over private cloud-managed services.

Private Cloud Managed vs. Unmanaged

Private cloud-managed services take care of all the complexities of an IT team, which makes them ideal for organizations with more intricate infrastructures and apps or who simply don’t want to manage their own cloud computing.

And, unlike unmanaged cloud computing, they also have a dedicated team of IT experts on hand when needed.

However, unmanaged private cloud computing costs a lot less because organizations manage their own resources; therefore, it provides them with greater flexibility and control.

Liquid Web

Managed private cloud hosting from Liquid Web is popular for its private cloud with public cloud benefits that enable you to customize your experience, as well as choose your pricing.

Some of their other benefits include:

  • Fast 10GB networking
  • High-performance NetApp San storage
  • Secure firewall
  • 24/7/365 support

According to Joe Oesterling, Chief Technology Officer at Liquid Web, “virtual private clouds are great for running everything from up-and-coming eCommerce websites to machine-learning models that require variable resources to simple enterprise websites”.

In the end, when it comes to private cloud vs. unmanaged cloud for your organization, it all basically comes down to price and how comfortable you are with controlling your own cloud computing resources and services. However, no matter whether you choose managed cloud or unmanaged cloud, just be sure to choose a platform that offers the perfect private cloud solution for you.


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