Healthier Ways to Consume Cannabis than Smoking

With most states passing cannabis laws, there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the plant and what that means for the general public.

The tag of war between negative and positive perceptions of cannabis is way more evident now. 

The thing is, both sides do have good arguments both for or against the plant and its products. On one hand, there are numerous health benefits you can’t just ignore, and on the other are a bunch of concerns.

For instance, the issues with smoking weed.

Smoking has negative health effects regardless of what you’re smoking. Aside from tobacco carcinogens, inhaling any kind of smoke exposses your lungs to harmful particles. 

Vaping has been considered the alternative in recent years, but the CDC associates it with lung-related problems

So what’s the alternative for cannabis users?

Undoubtedly, smoking is the most popular mode of intake for cannabis, but it’s not the only one. If you’re looking for healthier ways to consume cannabis, here you go:

1. Get Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are a great alternative to smoking. You get to ingest the same amount of cannabis without worrying about damage to your lungs.

If you’re wondering what cannabis edibles are, they are technically any food infused with cannabis.

These infused foodstuffs work just as well as any other delivery method. However, unlike smoking, edibles have precise doses, so you’re always aware of how much you’re taking. And that is a good thing.

It might take some time for the cannabis effect to kick in as edibles pass through the digestive system before getting into the bloodstream. For those in need of immediate effect, this might not be the best consumption method.

Here are examples of edibles you may try:

  • Baked foods like cakes, cookies, and bread
  • Candies, gummies, and chocolates
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic drinks

 How Are Edibles Made?

If you’re wondering how edibles are made, well, the process isn’t all that complicated.

Once you choose edibles such as baked goods, for instance, you start by preparing the infused ingredient.

Infused ingredients are simple mediums that you will use as your infusion base, such as olive oil or cannabutter. These are excellent for baking, by the way.

With your infused ingredient ready, you can go ahead and use it in the edible you want to make.

2. Try Cannabis Drinks

Do you wish to have cannabis in your drink?

You now can. These days, pubs are regularly whipping up Bacon Buddy Mary and weed whiskeys.

If you wish to make one of these infused drinks, start by learning the doses and how the drinks are prepared. Take a recipe from reputable sites like The Manuals.

The effects are pretty fast as they take a few minutes to kick in. 

3. Skin Patches

These are also known formally as transdermal patches. They’re patches that contain cannabis concentrates, and you attach them directly to the skin.

If you’re not interested in eating or taking weed any other way, this might be the best method for you. It’s also the safest consumption medium there is.

Another similar but slightly different alternative to skin patches is cannabis ointments. These are basically infused oils and creams designed for rubbing on the skin.

The thing about these two methods is that they’re slow delivery mediums as the concentrates must pass through the skin to reach the bloodstream. The upside is the effects can last a lot longer.

4. Pills and Capsules

Going for the pills is probably the best way to get THC or CBD in your system.  

Cannabis pills are natural extracts of cannabinoids with fatty oils presented in a gelatin capsule.

Don’t run for the pills yet. You need to know what they contain and how to get the correct dose. Understanding the differences between pills and other methods of cannabis intake is also critical. 

Cannabis pills are similar to over-the-counter medications. But, without the weird taste as most pills are either tasteless or flavored. 

The good thing about canna-pills is they are portable, convenient, and discreet to pop compared to burning a joint. 

The only drawback is that the pills have to go through the digestive system before getting into the bloodstream. The effect is therefore not as fast compared to smoking. 

5. Tinctures

Now, if you were looking for something that matches the knockout speed of sucking a bong or joint, here it is. Tinctures will ease you into smokeless recreational and medicinal use almost immediately. Tinctures are concentrated extracts usually served in bottles with droppers. Finding the perfect dose is easier as the eyedropper is provided. This method of cannabis delivery is sublingual, meaning you take the drops under the tongue.


There are various ways of consuming cannabis other than smoking. Using edibles, tinctures, cocktails, and pills helps you take advantage of cannabis without compromising your lungs and general health. It can be a trial and error process as you seek an option that works for you. Start slow, and before you realize it, your cannabis-intake journey will be smooth and enjoyable.

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