How to Choose Asylum Lawyer

When you are new in a country and you have no one to turn to, asylum lawyers are there to hold your hands. If you are seeking humanitarian protection or seeking safety in a new country as a refugee, you will need the service of asylum lawyers.

The personal question people ask is, “How do I choose the best asylum lawyer?” Read till the end for all the tips you need to make a good choice.

What is Seeking Asylum?

Seeking asylum means that you are looking for protection in another country. You have decided to flee to another country because of the fear of persecution for being a member of a race, gender, sexuality, or religion in your own country. To get the protection that you need, an asylum lawyer would be best to put you through the process.

Why do you need Asylum Lawyers?

The procedure for seeking asylum varies from country to country. There are established asylum laws and procedures in the UK and every other country. These laws will determine if the asylum will be in the interest of the country. As an asylum seeker with high hopes of finding a safe place, it is best to approach a lawyer with adequate knowledge of the law.

Another reason why you need an asylum lawyer is that there may be overwhelming applications at the asylum office, which may result in the inability to go through inaccurate documents, thus leading to the deportation of the asylum seeker. So, consulting an asylum lawyer before making your claim will save you the hassle.

In addition, asylum lawyers are very significant in preparing an asylum petition. They will help you in cross checking all documentary evidence, and will guide you on how to answer interview questions at the asylum office; and if your claim is not granted, they will help you prepare your appeal case, and follow you to the hearing.

How to Choose an Asylum Lawyer?

There are certain criteria you need to look out for in an asylum lawyer before you make your choice. A good asylum lawyer is knowledgeable, empathetic and proactive. Below are more tips and criteria you need to make a great choice.

  • The lawyer should specialize in asylum law with broad experience in asylum applications, petitions and appeals. It is best if the lawyer is exclusively dedicated to immigration law in general and asylum law specifically.
  • The asylum lawyer should practice in a multi-lawyer firm where there is a team of lawyers to handle your case. No one is an island of knowledge; a lawyer practising with others can easily get a pool of resources to attend to you.
  • The asylum lawyer should be a known and well-respected lawyer in that region. Research and check the professional credentials of the lawyer to know whether the lawyer is authorized to practice. You can also consider the lawyer’s track record. A good place to research is the local website of that region or clients review on Google and other search engine result pages.
  • You can also check or ask for the lawyer’s flat rate and estimate the cost of service. If the rate falls within your budget and all other requirements are fulfilled, then you are good to go.
  • Finally, ensure that you read the contract between you and the lawyer and be clear on all written agreements. Ask all the questions on your mind before you make your final decision.

What to Expect from an Asylum Lawyer?

An asylum lawyer is expected to do the following:

  •  Determine the effective timing and procedure for seeking asylum.
  •  Advise you on possible difficulties that you encounter during the process.
  • Review the declaration document that supports your application.
  • Ensure that all documentary evidence and applications are well-labelled for easy identification.
  • Research and prepare a report about your country of residence to support your claim.
  • Prepare you, your witnesses and the interpreter (if necessary) for the interview processes.
  • Educate the asylum officer about your case and country-specific information.
  • Protect your right as an applicant and participate actively in your asylum interview.
  • Prepare and submit a memorandum detailing the summary of your case, evidential exhibits and your eligibility for asylum.
  • After a successful application, your asylum lawyer is expected to inform you about the next step and immigration procedures to take.
  • Finally, the lawyer should continue to inform you about further changes in law and the effect on your case and asylum application.


You would agree that hiring an asylum lawyer is highly indispensable. Meanwhile, while making your choice, ensure that you consider all likely factors. Choose right today and enjoy your new haven!

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