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PDF Tools

Handing a large number of PDF files appears to necessitate a significant amount of time and effort. However, as technology evolves to meet everyone’s document requirements, working with PDF documents has become straightforward and unique. In truth, there are numerous sites on the internet that may supply you with various tools for your electronic files.

GogoPDF is among the most commonly visited websites for PDF users. It is an online platform that provides everyone with access to a variety of useful tools that will considerably assist you in managing all of your PDF files in a stress-free manner. Here is a selection of the excellent and prominent free utilities available from GogoPDF you can try now.

PDF Conversion Tools

The first in the list is GogoPDF’s PDF file converting feature. It enables you to have a different format for your current numerous files. For example, if you want a consistent and dependable duplicate of your Word documents, you can easily convert files from Excel to PDF online. The same is true for PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, JPEG, PNG, and HTML files as you may also quickly convert them to PDF.

Furthermore, if you have certain PDF files that you wish to save in your device’s file storage or Google Drive for many decades, you can turn them into PDF/A format to maintain the quality. After long-term storage, the overall visual quality will remain unchanged. You can go to the GogoPDF website to check what other file formats are accessible for conversion that you might need to have in future research and assignments.

PDF Merge Tool

Merging your PDF files into a single PDF file is an excellent technique to effectively organize them. GogoPDF features one specific utility that you may use for free and can be found on its main site. It is the PDF merge tool that will combine numerous PDF files into a single PDF.

You can use this online tool to categorize your PDFs and place them in the appropriate classification. For instance, you can combine the PDF files you use to send your application letter and curriculum vitae. The same is true for files used for weekly reports in the office or manuscripts at school. If you enjoy reading novels and stories in the form of eBooks, you can also combine them by category. The goal of utilizing GogoPDF’s PDF merging tool is to assist you to preserve and make your file folders organized. You can avoid having your PDFs strewn across the screen of your device by doing so. Thus, it will be much simpler for you to search and recover a certain PDF file in the future.

Protect PDF

The Protect PDF tool is what you’d like to have if you need all of your PDF files to be safe from intruders, or if the material you created is confidential and should not be accessed by others. GogoPDF includes a handy option that allows you to set passwords to your documents if you need to keep them secret.

It’s not difficult since this GogoPDF can assist you to add passwords in three simple steps. To begin, submit the file you want to safeguard from Dropbox or device to the given toolbox. Second, encode the password you want to use for your file, obeying the recommendations. Finally, you can either download your secured file to your device or email it to your colleagues using the URL supplied.

Unlock PDF

By utilizing the previously mentioned program, you can safeguard your PDF files by building a unique password. Encrypting your files may not be required if your PDFs do not contain any sensitive information and merely contain basic and generic data. Aside from that, it will be inconvenient for you if you regularly forget the password each time you open these files.

In this instance, removing the password from your PDF files will provide you with a great deal of ease. GogoPDF has a free unlock PDF tool that you can use to decrypt your documents. After that, you can access any PDF file you choose without having to worry about what passwords to encode.

Rotate PDF

There are numerous occasions when we face incorrect page placement from PDFs. It is possible that the file was flipped upside down or sideways during the saving process of its transformation to PDF. Interruptions in internet access during file download could also contribute to these undesired file structures.

You can submit your misplaced PDF to GogoPDF’s “Rotate PDF” toolbox. Begin making the necessary changes to your file, whether it has to be rotated left or right. After that, you can save your newly rotated PDF to your device on Google Drive.  All of these procedures can be done in less than thirty seconds as long as your internet connection is fast and stable.

Delete PDF Pages

Without tools like GogoPDF, deleting pages from PDFs is practically impossible. Although Adobe products can perform these activities, money and correct installation are required. GogoPDF saves you the trouble of going through these processes by allowing you to erase PDF pages simply by going online.

Begin by choosing the “Delete PDF Pages” button, then submit the PDF that needs to be paged out. Select the pages you want to remove from your main PDF after submitting. When done, save your changes and then download the freshly modified PDF. You will also be able to copy and paste its URL for quicker sharing via social media or webmail services.

Add E-Signatures

It’s quite difficult to draw your real-life signatures on a desktop or phone. There is no comparison between the ease of writing with a pen and drawing figures with a mouse or touchpad. You can, meanwhile, check the GogoPDF e-signature tool to see how easy it is to use. It also has more shaky edges for a more authentic-looking signature, and you can also add the initials of your name or whatever you like.

In a Nutshell

As previously said, working with a large number of PDF files appears to necessitate a significant amount of time and effort. However, GogoPDF’s collection of online resources will undoubtedly be of great assistance in completing your file responsibilities most easily and effectively. As a result, if you haven’t examined any of these GogoPDF tools online, you should do so right now to understand the possible advantages of using the site for your PDF files.

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