Are dab rigs customizable? Here is how you can do it to get a unique smoking experience

Dab Rigs

If you want to customize your smoking apparatus, you need to ignore what parts can be replaced or changed so you can modify your smoking experience! If you are used to using new accessories with items like your bong, you might be wondering if you can do the same thing with other apparatuses – and the answer is yes! 

How to customize dab rigs

If you’re new to using a dab rig, you might be wondering if you can customize this apparatus. Most of the smoking apparatuses are slightly customizable and personalizable, so you can get her unique smoking experience that is perfect for your smoking style, preference, and lifestyle. But can you customize dab rigs?

For those who enjoy smoking concentrates you will be happy to know the answer is yes! Along with bongs being customizable with added glass accessories, new ash catchers, and percolators, dab rigs are customizable so you can tailor them to your specific needs. Click here to buy online.

First, what makes up a dab rig? Do you need to know all the parts to make it customizable? Having an understanding of how dab rigs work can help you figure out what parts to purchase and what parts to swap out on your current dab rig. You might end up wanting to switch your quartz banger with a new titanium nail!

Water pipe

One of the things that you can customize when it comes to dab rigs is the water pipe. The water pipe is one of the main components of your dab rig that is essential for filling up with water to help cool off the smoke and make it easier to inhale while heating the concentrates. You can choose numerous types of water pipes and extensions that can make it easier to smoke the concentrate.

Nail or banger

The second accessory that you can change or swap out on your dab rig set up is the nail or banger. You can change your nail to be a quartz banger or vice versa to make it a different smoking experience. The banger is an angled mechanism, whereas the nail is straight.

Carb cap

The next option that you can use to customize dab rigs is the carb cap, a small porcelain or ceramic piece of the dab rig that helps prevent any smoke or vapor from escaping while you try to smoke the concentrate. The carb cap helps to control the airflow, a stronger flavor, and heating dabs at a lower temperature


The next part of the dab rigs that is customizable to fit your specific needs is the dabber. This metal tool is used to pick up the concentrate and then place it where you need to start the heating process, which is usually inside of the quartz banger or hot nail. 


If you are new to using dab rigs, you might purchase a dab kit to get started. But if you are an advanced user, you can begin to customize your dab rigs by changing items such as the quartz banger, nail, carb cap, or the dabber! 

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