9 Best Free Movie Websites

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In this digital era, watching movies online that too for free has become increasingly popular. It has become very convenient for us to see films that we love from the comfort of our homes. There are several websites from where you access movies. 

Here we have listed some websites for you that are free and free from viruses and legal to use.


Crackle is at the top of our list regarding the best option for watching free movies online as Sony Pictures own it, and they offer hundreds of full-length movies that can be watched any time. They show movies of big stars.

Crackle offers high-quality movies that can be enjoyed no matter whatever is the size of your monitor screen. All you have to bear are the few commercials once in a while, but they are short and have only a few breaks during a full-length movie.


Yidio is a web platform that offers various categories of movies that you can watch. It involves a type that is mainly designated for free online movies. What makes Yidio unique is that it is a search engine for free movies. It guides you to find all the free places that offer free movies online.

It is straightforward to sort out the movies through their ratings, such as PG-13, R, G, and genre. Some common examples include Classics, Animation, Special Interest, Musical, Family, Suspense, indie, TV Movie, and Western.


This is another great platform where you can watch free movies online. They have a constant flow of the latest release from Screen Media Ventures through which all the latest films are constantly added.

This website had nearly 1500 movies like drama, horror, action, comedy, family, documentary movies, and even foreign films. They also offer web and film school originals.

Popcornflix requires no account; all you have to do is click on the play button and enjoy. You can even watch movies in pieces as it offers a resume playback feature.


YouTube isn’t just a platform for watching videos related to skateboarding dogs or any latest movie trailer. They also offer movies on rent and also have films that can be watched for free.

You can easily access the latest and popular movies from the Movies and Shows section of this platform. It also allows you to browse other genres and have free movies that can be watched at no cost.


Vudu may not be your first choice when looking for free websites to stream movies, but it offers thousands of movies. All you need to do is bear with few commercials. One best thing about this platform is that some movies are in 1080p, so you can even enjoy the quality and free content.

Moreover, you can use the ‘New page’ section for movies that were recently added to the collection. Its genre section can also help you find movies of different categories like Crime, Westerns, Classics, History, Kids & Family. And you can even filter by rating, studio, etc.


Tubi offers thousands of movies and TV shows that can be streamed immediately. Some content can only be rented and not accessed for free; however, most movies are free to stream.

You can choose from several genres, such as regular ones for drama, kids, documentary, horror, and comedy films, and unique categories like Home & Garden, Holiday Movies, and Preschool, etc.

The Roku Channel

Content related to free movies is available on The Roku Channel as well. You can add it to your device if you have a Roku TV or any streaming player. If you don’t have one, you can access the movies for free on your mobile device or computer.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV operates in two ways, an on-demand movie streaming site that allows you to pick from a list of movies and a live TV service where you can watch TV shows and films when they become available. You access content related to drama, horror, action, and comedy. The channels also have content related to live sports, news, and music when streaming live TV.


IMDb TV is famous due to its broad database of movie trailers and information. It also includes a collection of free movies and TV shows. The collection can be browsed by recently added IMDb Originals, the Most popular, Top-rated films and genre.

This video player lets you turn on the subtitles, change the video quality and even opt for full-screen mode.

These are some of the good options where you can watch movies online with free streaming.

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