5 Things to Remember Spotting a Fake Breitling Watch

Since its inception, Breitling has been at the benchmark of producing top-notch and functional professional watches, particularly with its series of aviator timepieces. Regarded as the best manufacturer of reliable equipment for the aviation and military industry to use while onboard or on a mission, Breitling indeed deserves to be on your radar. The Swiss watchmaker always sticks to its core function to remain its slide rule calculator bezel to any timepiece it designed and crafted throughout the years.

With the brand’s constant popularity, it is no wonder why it is also one of the main targets of counterfeiters to create a fake replica and sell it in a market with a much lower price. That is why it is really essential to do some little research before buying your Breitling watch or opt to purchase from a reliable and reputable seller to avoid wasting your resources by paying for a fake replica. Take note that with the technology used by these counterfeiters, an untrained eye could not easily distinguish the fake from the original version. When you find yourself in the same situation, always remember these five tips that we’re going to share with you on spotting fake Breiling watches. Check this out!

1. Check the Weight and Materials

One important thing to check when buying any version of the Breitling Watch is its materials and weight. Make sure to inspect how it feels on your wrist before paying it. Remember that an authentic Breitling timepiece is made of precious metals and steel, and it always weighs substantially and is a bit heavy on the wrists. A fake version of it will feel much lighter as it is crafted mostly from plastics to cut costs.

Moreover, be meticulous to check any part that may seem so odd, and don’t forget to check its crystal as the original features an anti-glare coating. An authentic Breitling watch also has a purplish or bluish glow on its crystal, so don’t forget to examine it too.

2. Check the Logo

The company features two different logos engraved on all watches it designs and releases in the watch market. Be sure to get familiarized with this for easy checking the watch, whether authentic or just a fake replica. Here it is:

The “Winged Anchor”

The first logo used by Breitling is the B anchor rimmed by wings, with the Breitling name engraved right below. This logo design is instantly recognized by many of its patrons and even a novice watch collector, so make sure to remember it when buying a Breitling watch. Usually, the logo is engraved near the watch’s date view or just the upper part of the dial. For some models, this logo is engraved on its case back.

Most counterfeiters find it so difficult to replicate this logo design. You’ll notice that there is a slight gap between the anchor and the wing’s touch in most fake Breitling timepieces. Probably, there is also a slight gap between the inner wing and the wing’s outer edges. Lastly, if you notice that there are lines that hit the outer edges, then that version is just a fake replica.

 The Cursive “B”

Another logo design used by the brand is a single letter “B” engraved in cursive with the Breitling name just sitting right below. Usually, this logo design can be seen in the Heritage collection watches released by the company. Note that the letter “B” is a metal engraved on the dial, so it should be raised and not look laid flat or painted on.

3. Check other features

If you already pick your preferred watch model to buy, make sure to check the one you’re now inspecting features a similar number of pushers and crowns, and it is made to absolute precision. A fake Breitling watch may come in an oddly shaped, or the fitting of the crown and pushers are not right.

On the other hand, note that an authentic Breitling watch’s day and date windows are entirely occupied by numbers and letters, and these are clearly engraved in black purposely for maximum legibility. All Breitling watches feature only a chronograph sundial – it has 60-second, 30-minute, and 12-hour counters located on its smaller dial, except if it’s an annual and perpetual calendar type of timepiece. 

4. Check the Box and Papers

All of the watches released by the brand come with a box and warranty paper. Like its model name and number engraved on the case back, the information on the watch should match the serial and model number printed on the warranty paper. Note that Breitling warranties have been handed to any watch buyer through a paper document. That is why it is so important to double-check the paper documents if they precisely correspond to what is engraved on the watch. And if, in any case, that the seller can’t present to you any warranty paper of the watch, then don’t pursue buying it as it may just be a replica of the original version.

5.  Pricepoint

As we have always mentioned, it is a great movie to do some research before setting your foot in any watch luxury shop or jewelry store to ensure that you’re really familiar with the features and type of watch you want to purchase. If there’s one thing you must not forget checking, it is definitely the price of the watch and how much approximately it cost in the market. If ever you encounter a seller trying to sell the Breitling watch at a very cheap price, like its price seems so good to be true, then don’t ever opt for it as you may end up paying for a fake replica of a Breitling watch. 

In a Nutshell

With counterfeiters around, it is better if you’re well-informed to differentiate and distinguish an authentic Breitling watch from the fake replicas. You can always ask or consult a friend who’s already an expert in checking a watch if it’s real or not. If you don’t have anyone to ask for, why not read the five tips we have listed for you!

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