5 Signs and Symptoms of Too Much Stress

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Experiencing life can be full of several ups and downs. Unfortunately, some of the circumstances you may have to deal with can be negative and cause stress. 

Coping with and managing this normal reaction is essential to good health and happiness.

What Is Stress?

If you’ve ever had your mind start racing combined with changes in your vision or breathing due to a situation when you’re feeling uncomfortable or overwhelmed, it’s due to a normal reaction by your body indicating you’re feeling stress. 

These physical and mental responses are natural mechanisms your body creates to help you react to situations when you’re facing an important task or an element of danger. Your body produces these reactions to alert you and let you know you’ll need to handle a challenging situation.

How Is Stress Diagnosed?

It’s challenging to measure stress as it’s experienced individually by each person. Only you can truly determine how it’s affecting you. However, there are different levels of stress, which can be placed in two separate categories. 

Chronic stress occurs when you are dealing with stressful symptoms over a long period. Regular stress occurs when having normal “fight or flight” responses to a current situation that may be more overwhelming than usual.

What Are Five Symptoms Indicating Your Dealing With Too Much Stress?

Short-term stress may be associated with anxiousness or nervousness, feeling overwhelmed, difficulty concentrating, and difficulty sleeping. 

Once you’re able to move past the stressful situation, these feelings will usually dissipate. However, long-term stress can cause unwanted symptoms that don’t go away. These can include the following:

  1. Headaches: Headaches can often occur if you’re constantly dealing with stressful situations. Headaches can also be triggered by lack of sleep or alcohol consumption, which causes dehydration. Dealing with stress by drinking alcohol may not create positive results.
  1. Chronic Pain: Having aches and pains can also be due to too much stress. The stress hormone cortisol may be one of the factors causing this result.
  1. Getting Sick Frequently: Your immune system can be negatively affected by too much stress. If you’re frequently getting sick, it’s a sign your body may be worn down and susceptible to infection.
  1. Decreased Energy: Feeling like you’ve got low energy or want to sleep all the time is another sign of having too much stress over a long period.
  1. Problems With Your Digestion: Having bouts of constipation and diarrhea can also be associated with high stress levels. These changes may also be associated with a lack of appetite or the desire to overeat.

Strategies To Help Relieve Stress

Having too much stress in your life isn’t healthy. Exercising when you feel the telltale symptoms may be helpful. Utilizing relaxation methods with your breathing, stretching your muscles, and practicing meditation may also be beneficial. You might also consider taking CBD capsules for stress from reputable places like HempFusion and learn to relax or eliminate additional responsibilities if you’ve got too much on your plate. You can also add a baicalin supplement to your diet, which may reduce inflammation in your body and combats oxidative stress.

Getting assistance from a medical professional may also be helpful if you’re feeling overwhelmed and want to get advice from an expert. Doing all you can to combat stress will help you live a healthier and happier life.

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