3 Things That Influence Your Invisalign Bill

Invisalign treatment

Invisalign treatment is a treatment that realigns your teeth. It is an alternative to braces, but it is a more expensive treatment. It is a popular option because it is not noticeable and works to straighten out your teeth without being as obvious as braces are. Because it is costly, people tend to avoid it. However, it is important to know the factors that influence the cost of your Invisalign bill to know how to manage it.

#1: The Condition Of Your Teeth

Invisalign is used to treat teeth and jaw misalignments. These can range from very severely misaligned teeth to mild cases. If you have a severe misalignment, you will need to go in for multiple dentist visits to correct the dental issues continually.

For every visit, you will pay dental fees, which will cause the cost to go up. Mild cases will take an average of 12 months before your teeth are straight. For more severe cases, it will take up to 18 months for the treatment to be completed by the dentist. The more severe cases will be more costly.

The number of teeth that need straightening treatment will also contribute to the total amount you will pay. You may need to get Invisalign SmartForce, which are attachments for patients with many dental conditions such as overcrowding. This will cause the price to increase.

After-care treatment will also add to the amount you will pay over some time. After-care treatments are, for example, Vivera, which are teeth retainers. Dentists recommend teeth retainers as they prevent your teeth from shifting back to their original position before having the Invisalign. Because Vivera retainers are a quality product, they will cost you to purchase them and have your dentists install them.

#2: Dentist Experience and Invisalign Ranking

The amount you will pay per visit will also be determined by the level of expertise of your dentist or orthodontist. Invisalign practitioners are placed on a scale known as Invisalign Advantage, which is made up of 8 tiers, with the lowest tier being Bronze and the highest one is Diamond II.

A provider goes up the ranking based on how many Invisalign treatments that they carry out. Each treatment is accorded points based on the kind of treatment that the provider gives. For instance, to get a hundred points, the provider must carry out a comprehensive Invisalign package.

For a provider to get to the highest tier ranking, the Diamond II, they need twenty thousand points. They are highly qualified because of the number of treatments that they have successfully done. You may pay more for a higher-ranked provider compared to a lower-ranked one.

However, highly ranked providers have access to Invisalign lab discounts, which can be advantageous for the customer if your orthodontist passes on these discounts to you. The higher the rank, the more significant the discounts. For instance, a Silver-tier provider will have a ten percent discount, whereas a Diamond II gets a 46 percent discount.

#3: Refinements

To figure out how much is Invisalign, you will need to factor in the cost of refinements. Refinements are when you may need to adjust the aligners that are on your teeth. The reasons could be because your teeth are not re-aligning according to plan or the realignment progress is too slow.

In this case, your dentist will recommend new aligners to keep your progress on track with the treatment plan. If you are on Invisalign’s entire treatment plan, the refinements will not cost extra, but you need to confirm that with your dentist or orthodontist to confirm. If you need to make additional payments for the advanced aligners, then the cost of Invisalign will increase.


Invisalign is one of the expensive teeth alignment options. However, this cost is because the brand is high quality which makes it trusted by dentists and orthodontists. You also pay for personalized care where your teeth progress is monitored carefully to ensure that your teeth follow the prescribed treatment plan.

You also get qualified dental providers, which assure you that you are in the best hands. To bring the cost of your Invisalign treatment lower, you can check if your insurance covers part of the treatment and to what extent they cover the treatment.

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