Why Is First Aid Training in the Workplace Essential?

An enclosed office in a building that a person travels to every day can seem like a safe place with no active signs of danger. But whether it is an office or a construction site, any workplace has two features, employees working there might get injured or fall sick. When they do, they might need immediate attention and assistance before the medical professionals arrive. Providing emergency care training through a first aid course ensures a safe work environment for the employees as they would be prepared for standard medical emergencies. Also, the Australian government and Safe Work Australia mandates having trained first aiders in every workplace. 

Common Workplace Medical Emergencies 

Reports indicate that 317 million accidents and injuries occur in the workplace annually, with 2.3 million deaths occurring due to occupational accidents. Research shows that workplaces are underprepared for the emergencies that occur on-site, and the employees are not aware of the proper protocols to follow in such cases. Less than 50% of the people in a building know emergency care and action, and only 26% of Australians are trained in providing first aid. 

Employees face various health risks in low-hazard and high-hazard environments ranging from minor cuts, stings, bites to shocks, fainting, poisonings, bleeding, burns, musculoskeletal injuries, cardiac arrests, fractures, seizures, distress and other medical emergencies. When employees have a prior medical history, these risks get compounded. Their lack of concentration on vital signs of danger and immediate care can result in costly injuries. In addition, if employees are not prepared to handle these situations and help their co-workers until the ambulance arrives, the victim’s condition might worsen and become fatal. 

Benefits of Training Employees with Emergency Care

It Creates a Safe Workplace

Creating awareness among the employees regarding safety and first aid can help prevent emergencies and accidents. It keeps the employees alert to spot any signs of danger in their surroundings and avoid taking unnecessary risks. In case of an accident, the employees would be equipped to provide the required assistance and have the situation under control. 

It Increases the Emergency Response Action

When it comes to a medical emergency, each second counts and providing quick assistance can make all the difference. If employees are trained in first aid, they will know what measures they need to take during emergencies and help save their own and the lives of their co-workers, increasing their preparedness and confidence about such situations. This is beneficial for a company and reduces the employee’s downtime due to the injury and their overall recovery time. 

Promotes Trust and Security

Accidents can happen suddenly inside the office, in the parking lot or the staircase, and they happen unannounced. Having trained employees who are confident in their first aid skills will create a sense of safety, peace and trust in the employees’ minds as they come to work. Training and awareness will also reduce the risks, mistakes and anxieties that employees might experience during such incidents. It can help them follow the protocol in a calm and orderly manner. First aid training raises the standards of safety in the workplace, which the company will be known for as the employees working there will feel more comfortable and secure.

Therefore, it makes sense to invest in first aid course training for all the employees and management to keep them well-trained and safe, resulting in higher productivity, trust and providing a competitive advantage in the workplace. 

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