The Most Popular Kinds Of Wedding Venues in Australia To Host Your Dream Wedding

Weddings are one of the most memorable events in anyone’s lifetime. But there are various factors to take in before hosting such a lifetime experience both for the bride and groom as well as the guests.  Firstly, consider what type of wedding venue should the event be hosted before deciding on where and when. As far as picturesque places are considered, Australia isn’t short of these either. From a barn or a luxurious hotel to hosting beach weddings in Northern Beaches in Australia, take a look at some of the best venues people can look into to host their perfect wedding ceremony: 

  1. Places Of Worship: Probably one of the most common wedding venues in Australia, places of worship offer that unique and peaceful ambience that symbolises the sacred union of weddings. Such venues are usually preferred by religious families or couples and are the most traditionally sought after venues in the country. Although they are strictly for ceremonial purposes, certain places offer other areas for receptions and side events. 
  2. Beaches: Beach weddings are also common in the country, with many couples opting for beach weddings in Northern Beaches or the countryside of Australia. Beaches offer a relaxed atmosphere for those looking for a less formal wedding ceremony. Guests can even indulge in a scenic walk along the shoreline, basking in the sunset. Do remember to look into secure and sheltered areas for a more private ceremony. 
  3. Barns: For those who prefer an outdoor setting, barns offer such an atmosphere offering plenty of areas for photoshoots and receptions. There’s a unique feel when a ceremony is hosted in a barn filled with haystacks and farming aesthetics. Many countryside weddings are usually hosted in barns and farmhouses. 
  4. Modern Buildings: Maybe the bride and groom want a change of pace away from nature and solitude? Not to worry! Australia’s urban infrastructure offers plenty of areas to host a beautiful ceremony for those looking for a more industrialist touch. Hotels and restaurants offer such an atmosphere, with the added benefit of offering services at the same place itself. Banquet halls are also not far behind when it comes to modern weddings venues.
  5. Gardens: Again, for those who prefer the outdoor and naturalistic venues, gardens and parks can host venues for such weddings. There’s no need for spending additional effort on decoration as the scenic beauty of the garden landscape offers all the exquisiteness required for a wedding. Such venues are recommended for those couples who are on a budget. 
  6. Vineyards: One can’t complete the list of wedding venues in Australia without mentioning vineyards. Australia has a large number of vineyards and wineries located in picturesque valleys and places. 
  7. Mansions and Country Clubs: Mansions are not as common but still a memorable venue nonetheless, and country clubs are not a bad choice either. Both offer plenty of spaces for ceremonies and reception and may even have plenty of opportunities for a good photoshoot session too!
  8. Parents Homes: Like the gardens, parents’ homes offer venues for couples who are on a budget. Most of the traditional weddings in the country have been prominent in their respective parents’ houses, making it easy to add other services like reception and catering without much hassle.

It might be fun to know that in 2019, Australia had about 113815 marriages registered in the country. After identifying the proper venues and weighing in all the factors, don’t let anything be a setback for creating that perfect wedding venue for a memorable occasion!

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