The Best Dental Implant Material to Replace Lost Teeth

Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales, located in the southeastern portion of the country. The city is composed of 658 suburbs and spread to over 33 local government areas. According to several online data, Sydney is also the go-to place for dental care. 

The city is not just known to provide quality dental services but also affordable care for every family. Some of the best dental implants in Sydney clinics are found in the New South Wales area. The area has aesthetics, reconstructive, and implant clinics. 

A dental implant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to replace a broken or damaged dental root. It uses metal and a screw-like post to replace a damaged or missing tooth. Dental implants also use an artificial tooth that appears and functions like natural ones. 

It is one of the most accepted and proven ways of refitting the jawbone, maintaining its natural structure. Dental implants also support the existing teeth and prevent other issues like shifting and crooked teeth. 

Other Reasons Why Dental Implants Are the Better Option

While dentures are an affordable option for most people, it is a bit inconvenient particularly when it requires constant removal and cleaning. Dentures are also found to affect a person’s sense of taste and the pleasure of eating food. 

There are three options when having a tooth replaced: fixed bridgework, dental implants, or a removable appliance. Of the three choices, dental implants are the most reliable and convenient in terms of use. 

It does not require constant removal or cleaning and lasts longer than most other tooth replacement alternatives. Opting for dental implants in Sydney style is a conservative method of replacing a missing tooth without affecting or shifting the adjacent tooth. 

A dental implant is integrated into the bone structure for a stable and more natural look. Compared to a removable appliance, dental implants are secure and provide a comfortable fit in your mouth. 

The Most Common Types of Dental Implant Materials

Generally, there are two main types of material used in a dental implant procedure. These two materials – titanium and zirconia-have a similar appearance but have many differences in terms of longevity, structural hardness, healing time, and price range.

  • Titanium Implants – Titanium metal is the most common type of dental implant. It allows the bone to grow and fully heal without suffering from infections. Titanium implants are durable and provide a lasting impact. It is reasonably priced, and the material creates a permanent bond to your bones and gums. 
  • Zirconia Implants – Zirconia is a recently discovered material that is regarded as the future of implant materials. Zirconia has a metal oxide structure and has the same level of biocompatibility as a titanium implant. 

The longstanding debate on which material is better has always been based on each material’s level of advantage and disadvantage. Nonetheless, stability and functionality-wise, both materials provide the same levels of dependability. 

In terms of cost, zirconia is more expensive than titanium because of manufacturing costs. Titanium implants range between $300 to $500, while zirconia implants can go as high as $600. The only difference between implant materials is that zirconia does not create a dark colouration on the gums, and it has lesser plaque accumulation.

So, which material is best for your dental implant will be based on how much you can afford. Care Dentistry provides the right dental aesthetics, reconstruction, and implant procedure for professional and high-quality dental care. 

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