Incontinence is a disorder in which one cannot hold back one’s urge to urinate. It is often seen in the elderly but may also occur in adults. It is a disease that receives far less attention than it requires. The main reason for this ignorance is that many people feel that it is an embarrassing issue. It is a common condition often occurring in women, but that doesn’t mean men are immune. Men usually have a lack of knowledge about this disorder and often are not prepared to handle it. 

A simple solution like incontinence pads for men can prevent any mess from happening. It is an easy way to manage it. To help all the people out there who do not know about incontinence, here is everything one needs to know about it:

What is incontinence, and why is it caused?

It is the inability to control one’s urine. It is caused mainly due to the weakening of the bladder muscles. A person with this disease cannot hold urine for long and often urinate even if there is a sudden external stimulus. It may occur when the person falls, hits hard on something or even sneezes. It is not a genetic condition and often occurs in older people. Some people may have it from birth. In some cases, one might get it after becoming an adult. It is a curable disease that often requires multiple methods of treatment.

How to identify it?

Most people with this complication do not urinate completely. It often starts as tiny leaks which may go unnoticed. One might usually feel the inability to control the urge to urinate. Even when urinated, dribbling of urine takes place. It occurs when the person is stressed or nervous. If it happens frequently, it is better to get checked. One might also feel the need to urinate constantly. It might also be a symptom of incontinence.

Is it curable? 

Incontinence is a fully curable disease. But one must know that the treatment process is long and often involves multiple treatment methodologies. The most prominent treatment technique is “Bladder training”, which means increasing the time one can hold the urge of urination. If practised regularly, it can help the patient overcome the condition. Male patients often undergo this treatment. 

Incontinence pads for men is an essential part of this treatment. It ensures that there is no leakage, even if one cannot control the urge. Fluid and diet management with medications side by side is necessary. Both play a vital role in helping the patient improve the strength of bladder muscles.

How to prevent it?

It is always better to prevent something from happening rather than regretting it later. Incontinence is also a preventable disease. The prevention methods are also simple. The most important part of it is a healthy diet. The diet must involve higher proportions of proteins and fibres. It is always better to take in less fat. Fluids must be an integral part of the diet. There must be a reduction in the intake of alcohol and caffeine as they increase the urination sensation. 

Another prevention method is pelvic exercises. It involves a set of workouts that one must do daily to increase the strength of the bladder and pelvic muscles. One must also stop smoking as smoking is a leading causative agent of incontinence. Smoking harms the whole body, including the bladder.

Incontinence is completely curable if treated properly. Most people don’t visit doctors for fear of being shamed. It is essential to stop such ill behaviour. It is better to help one’s loved ones who have this condition. It is equally important to spread the word about it. It can make people’s lives better, and that is a cause one needs to fight for.

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