In today’s consumer culture, where commercial establishments are expanding at a huge rate to cater to ever-increasing demand, making a business stand out is a vital task. This is usually done by incorporating unique designs in the commercial structure and using creative layouts for signs and company logos. Architectural signage is probably the most important and common of the signages. Architectural signages are a way for people to recognise the brand and relate to the products they offer. It should also go well with the overall layout of the area. The art of crafting signages might seem intricate. First, it is a fairly simple process. 

Many factors make signages unique and successful. They are: 

  • Design – Even though this is quite obvious, the signage design is not limited to how it looks alone. The signage should go well with the environment of the building. Signs are supposed to serve a purpose, and this should be kept in mind while designing them. 
  • Quality – The materials used for signages should be carefully selected out. Exterior signages require more tough materials and should look robust. Interior pieces are required to be more elegant and can afford the use of more delicate materials. Maintenance of the sign should also be a factor in deciding the materials and design.

Types of Signage

Commercial signages cover a very broad category of items. Proper research of all these types is necessary to understand specific requirements and to build a successful business. Here are a few of the main categories of signages.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are the most relevant in these groups as these are the ones that get the brand exposure. They are visible to the public and can directly impact the well being of the company.  

  • Window Graphics – Window graphics are mostly made from vinyl which then gets images printed on it. There are a lot of design choices with variations in font and size.
  • Sidewalk Signs – Sidewalk signs are very appealing as they attract people and can be moved around easily. These are meant to be vibrant and have a range of options that stand out on the pavement.

Indoor Signs

Indoor signs are useful for a range of purposes. They are very effective when used to advertise other products to potential customers. 

  • Murals and Wraps – These are very good options for the walls in the storefront as they are classy and elegant. These are also made on vinyl and have a lot of customisable options.

Persuasive Signage

These refer to signs that directly promote the company or business. These aim at capturing people’s attention and persuading them to interact with the company.

  • Banner Signs – Banners have been along for a long time and are still in popular use. This is mainly because they are quite cheap and very effective. They have a range of options in size, shape and colour. 

Informational Signs

These are the signs that have nothing to do with promotion. They are directed at informing the people about important things like exits or fire hydrants. These are also an important part of a business as such signs play a vital role in the structure’s safety. 

  • Safety Signs – Safety signs warn people about any potential hazards or safety mechanisms. Common signs include electrical safety signs and fire escape signs. These signs are often mandatory due to safety policies. 
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