How Do You Select the Perfect Queen-Sized Bed Frame for Your Bedroom?

Bed Frame

A bed frame is more than just a place to put your mattress. A fashionable bedframe may serve as the focal point of your bedroom design while also providing possible storage space. The following ideas will help you select the ideal queen bed frame for your room that will look amazing for years.

The size of a queen bed frame will vary based on the style. But, because all frame models will be developed around the queen mattress dimensions, these statistics provide a decent idea of the frame’s size. The measurements of a standard queen bed are 5 feet by 6 feet, 8 inches, or 60 inches by 80 inches.

Straightforward bed frames, such as basic metal rail frames or modest slatted platform frames, have a low profile and will not add much to the standard queen mattress size. Typically, bed frames with footboards and headboards would add greater bulk. Expect an extra 3 to 5 inches over the size of the mattress itself, depending on the type.

Measure Your Bed Space

Before purchasing a queen mattress frame, it’s a good idea to double-check the dimensions. Ideally, you should measure the area where you intend to use the new bed frame to have a good idea of how it will fit. Place your mattress on the ground to get a feeling of its size, or use pillows, cushions or masking tape to estimate it. If you already feel crammed in your bedroom, consider putting a simple metal bed frame under your box spring to maximize usable space.

Keep in Mind the Bulk and Height of the Bed

If you desire the luxury of a more sophisticated bed frame, such as a four-poster or canopy bed, point your tape measure toward the ceiling. A tall bed frame necessitates a high ceiling, as even a large bedroom might become claustrophobic. Take extra measures if you want a bulky bed frame, such as a sleigh bed or a bed frame-headboard pair with bookshelves.

Keep the Room’s Décor in Mind

Since the bed is the focal point of every bedroom, choosing the right style is crucial. Consider using a wooden bed frame and stacking quilts and pillows to create a lovely environment if you want to make a welcoming and comfortable ambience. Those looking for a sleek, modern look can go with a metal or wood bed frame with clean, minimalist lines.

Once you’ve determined which styles might work in your bedroom, look at several models, such as cushioned bed frames, brass beds, and wrought-iron beds, to see which one best suits you.


Check the warranty on your mattress. Countless mattress warranties specify the materials and size of the bed frame. A typical restriction is a space between slats; some manufacturers will invalidate the warranty if the cushion is placed on a mount with slats that are more than a few inches apart and then damage to the beds’ frame occurs. Certain types of bed frames may also be prohibited under warranty.

Why wait much longer now that you know how to select the ideal queen bed frame for yourself? However, remember that safety and reliability are just as important as design innovation and other amenities when it comes to your bedroom.

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