Add a Touch of Nature to Beautify Your Bathroom


There’s nothing like the great outdoors to make you feel refreshed. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to add natural touches to your bathroom to give it a more zen-like feel. Incorporating elements of nature will help you relax even more, allowing you to “wash” off the day’s stress. It would be fun to shop for bathroom supplies so you can update and redesign this space. With these tips, you can add a touch of nature to one of the most important and well-used rooms in your house. 

Make The Windows Bigger

If your bathroom overlooks a fenced yard, pool, trees, and the like, you can consider enlarging the windows. When you make them bigger, you get a more expansive view of your outdoor area. As a result, it can add a tranquil ambience. Wider windows will also allow fresh air to come in on pleasant days. Most importantly, bigger windows allow more natural light to enter. Hence, you will flood your bathroom with beautiful sun rays that also help you get a dose of Vitamin D. 

Use Lighter Window Treatments

Most people cover their bathroom windows with heavy curtains for privacy. However, this also blocks off natural light. Instead, pick lighter window treatments that provide coverage without impeding the light. You can also use plants in the outer area to block off potential intruding eyes. Try tall potted plants by your ground floor window or use a windowsill plant hanger. With this approach, you get to enjoy nature and vibrant light at the same time.

Incorporate Interior Plants

There’s nothing like foliage in your bathroom to remind you of the outdoors. Greenery adds a touch of vibrancy. You can add potted plants or hanging ones to be your focal point. More than their natural beauty, plants will filter the air from pollutants, giving you fresher air. It can reduce dust and particles while increasing humidity. Most of all, looking at plants while you soak in the tub will lower your stress levels. 

Work with Natural Products 

If you truly want to mimic the beauty of nature in your bathroom design, you can use natural products and materials. For example, using natural wood for your walls, vanity, and floors will make a world of difference. Rather than man-made and synthetic materials, choose nature-themed ones like bamboo, cork, and stone. A mini pebble garden within your bathroom will certainly add a classy touch. 

Select Earth Tone Touches

If you want a nature-inspired bathroom, do away with flashy colors that hurt the eyes. Instead, work with earth-toned bathroom supplies that soothe and calm the spirit. Think of woods, deserts, beaches, and other localities as your pegboard. Remember, from a blue sea-theme bathroom to brown woody touches, you will certainly enhance the feel of your room with the right color scheme. 

Embellish with Natural Objects 

When you decorate your bathroom, choose natural furnishings like adding a wicker laundry basket or a rattan magazine holder. You can also use shells and sand in glass holders for a unique touch. This will certainly add a serene atmosphere when you do your bubble baths. Adding these small design details is an affordable way to include a hint of the great outdoors into your space so you can take advantage of its calming benefits. 

Keep in mind, whether you’re renovating a master bath or planning to redesign a guest bathroom, adding a natural appeal is always a good idea. When you include these beautiful elements, you create a lovely theme that assures you will enjoy using your bathroom every day.

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