4 Basics You Need To Know To Maintain Reusable Incontinent Pads

Incontinent Pads

Humankind has evolved in numberless ways since its origination. Apart from physical and mental evolution, cultural evolution plays a significant role in shaping the species. While humanity spans across the seven continents, some practices have evolved the same way everywhere. Toilet training is one of them. From as early as eighteen months old to as late as three years, children undergo toilet training. It is an essential part of becoming a functional human. But with age, one’s control over urinary function might recede drastically. While this can be worrisome in younger seniors and adults with early onset of incontinence, one can effectively manage the condition with aids such as washable incontinence pads. Here are a few pointers that can help one understand incontinence and the appropriate ways of maintaining reusable pads. 

What Is incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is a prevalent medical condition that hampers the functioning of muscles and nerves responsible for regulating the passing of urine. Diagnosing incontinence is easy since it is concerned with the inability to control urine passing. A person suffering from this condition has little to no control over the regulation of urination and may trigger the process inadvertently by laughing, sneezing, or coughing. 

What causes incontinence?

Doctors assert that people prone to urinary infections are more susceptible to incontinence later in life. It is because urinary tract infections can weaken the bladder over time and lead to urinary incontinence. Statistical data claim that over 38% of women in Australia suffer from incontinence every year. Childbirth and pregnancy are critical reasons for incontinence in women under fifty since carrying a child can severely weaken the pudendal nerve, resulting in urinary or faecal incontinence. Similarly, doctors have also identified hysterectomies to cause this problem since the surgery may rupture ligaments associated with the bladder. In men, prostate surgeries or enlarged prostates are common reasons for incontinence. 

How to manage incontinence?

Living with incontinence can be a true nightmare if one does not possess the necessary aids that help with the condition. Since women and men require starkly different support, many companies produce customised products. These include reusable pads, waterproof pant pad holders, mesh fixation briefs and even fixation shorts. A minority of people also prefer medical catheters that collect urine in a leg bag. These are highly inconvenient to clean and may cause urinary infections that may further harm the person. Incontinence pads are the best decision one can make regarding incontinence.

How to maintain a reusable pad?

Since incontinence in the elderly is more often a chronic condition, it is wise to invest in reusable pads. These are resilient and eco-friendly, as compared to flimsy single-use incontinence pads that end up in landfills. Reusable pads can last up to a year when cared for appropriately. While most incontinence pads need changing after three or four hours in one use, it is crucial to replace one as soon as the person passes urine. Delays in changing may cause skin irritation, urinary tract infection or even yeast infections. Once a pad fills up, one can discard it into a wet bin until it goes for washing. One can wash the incontinence pads at the tumble dry setting with cold water. While the material needs detergent for cleaning, it is not advisable to use a fabric softener since it weakens the fabric. 

Incontinence often causes emotional damage. One needs to understand that there is no shame in a physical condition of this sort. Talking about it with friends, family, and peers may help in gaining confidence. It is also essential to keep in mind that this common condition is manageable with several aids that are available in plenty. Washable incontinence pads are handy in these situations and are comfortable to use, even while indulging in high exertion activities such as sports, exercise, and travelling. 

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