Meet The Different Types of Gamers In The World 


Meet The Different Types of Gamers In The World 

Today gaming options and platforms have diversified to a great extent. Since the platform has become vast, the gamers also come in different types, shapes, and sizes. Numerous factors help to decide the various categories of gamers. The game you like to play, how you play the game, the time you spend playing the game, and many other parameters decide which category a gamer belongs to. 

Let’s take a look at the ten most common types of gamers. Don’t forget to figure out what type of gamer you are.

  • Super Competitive Gamer

As the name suggests, these gamers have only one goal in mind, and playing games is not just a pass time for them. These gamers only have one spirit, and that is the gaming spirit. Having a friendly match is not their thing. The only celebration for them is raising their arms after the emergence of their victory. Their primary motto implies outscoring, outplaying, and outwitting the fellow players.

Every single match super-competitive gamers play is a do or die situation for them, and they cannot digest defeat at any cost, especially when the opponents are their friends. They might call for the best of three or five or any number to emerge as a winner. Once they can see, there is no chance of winning; they lose interest in the game. But they never fail to go back home, practice, sharpen their skills to shine out in the upcoming week’s match.

  • The Backseat Gamer

Each one of us is aware of a Backseat gamer. When it’s game time with friends, they deny taking control. On the other hand, they keep calling out directions or show discontent about how their friend played the game. The backseat gamers know their gaming is not on the first gear, so they enjoy watching the game and providing a commentary.

If a backseat gamer happens to join a game in the middle of it, he/she will shower a thunderbolt of questions considering the game and enjoy creating more chaos. If you cannot lose your patience to a backseat gamer, you are a bigger person than we are.

  • Old school gamer

These gamers have not entered into modern gaming, and things like 3D graphics are just pointless to them. They believe that the golden age of gaming is when arcade games ruled the gaming world, and anything like N64 is not their thing. When you visit an old school gamer, you will find working antique consoles like Atari, Nintendo, or Sega Genesis accompanied with accessories like power gloves and light zappers.

Anything too old school is just not acceptable. For serious old-school gamers, gaming is like a religion, and they are so devoted to it that they refuse to try out modern games because it’s an ultimate sin for them.

  • Destructive Gamer

Destructive gamer concentrates on how they win the game rather than just winning it. They believe in destroying and ruining everything that comes their way leaving their mark wherever they go.

If it has to be wounded, killed, destroyed or exploded, a destructive gamer will take care of it. They enjoy finding creative ways to take out the competition, be it AI in single-player or real-life competitors in online multi-players.

  • Trophy Hunter Gamer

Just like Destructive gamers, they also have other goals other than just winning the game. They look for everything the game offers and strive hard to win it too.

Modern games provide numerous hidden treasures and abundant missions to be accomplished. Trophy hunter gamers will not rest until they accomplish every possible trophy and unlockable item, no matter how useless it is.

  • Puzzle Gamer

Puzzle gamers enjoy exercising their brain. The more complex the game, the more exercise it gives to the brain muscles, which is the ultimate engrossment for puzzle gamers. They will enjoy finding out how the game’s dynamics and inner logic works and try all the possible approaches to find the correct one.

They aspire to solve a puzzle in the least number of moves and prove their superior capabilities. Puzzle gamers don’t necessarily consider competition against other players as they entertain competing with themselves and demonstrate their skills.

  • Social Gamer

Social gamers tend to play more games when they are around people. They enjoy playing all kinds of games, but what they want the most is the social interaction that comes with these games.

They are mainly fans of party games, sports games, multiplayer shooters, and board games. These games are fun with friends and do not compel one to have alone time.

  • Hardcore Gamer

Hardcore gamers and Social gamers are two extremes. Hardcore gamers eat, sleep and breathe video games. They avoid social contact and lock themselves up in a room that is lit only by the screen and play games like Worl of Warcraft, Guild Wars, or rummy, and have more friends online.

Hardcore games plan their life around games, whether it is watching gaming tournaments, participating in gaming forums, or blogging about games. They are proud of their gaming achievements, just like you are for your promotion at work.

  • The Cheater

The cheater is only in the game to glorify themselves and bragging rights without dealing with the challenging part. While trophy hunters will go to any extent to get any reward or unlockable item, cheaters will find cheat codes, loopholes, or bugs to achieve this, along with outright purchasing these items from others when possible.

Old cheaters will own games like Game Genie or Game Shark, and without making the proper effort, they will take every advantage to win the game.


Different gamers have different purpose of gaming, style of playing their game, most attractive point of the game. In a group, different types of gamers, if caught up together, can make a gaming endeavor memorable to a great extent. As time passes, more types of gamers might come into existence. I hope the above content has made you realize what type of gamer you are. Let us know in the comment section. 

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