6 tips for playing escape games with kids

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Escape games may have started as a game geared towards adults, but these fascinating immersive rooms aren’t just for the 18 and over crowd. For example more and more escape games in Los Angeles welcome children (just check the age restrictions to make sure) and are specially designed for younger minds and smaller hands.

So don’t let your kids miss out on the magic of escape games. Check out these six tips for playing escape games with kids.

1. Plan ahead.

Talk to your escape game company in advance to get the low-down on everything the game will involve. This way, you can make sure it’s appropriate for your child in terms of themes, accessibility needs, and the difficulty of the puzzles.

2. Talk it over with your child.

Kids are naturally inquisitive, and they’ll want to know all about this fun new experience. Sate their curiosity and help them feel safe by telling them exactly where you’re going, what you’ll be doing, and how long it’s likely to last.

3. Delegate tasks.

If you’re playing a more advanced game with puzzles of all different levels, make it easy for your child by giving them tasks you know they’ll excel at. You can hand over responsibility for easier activities like searching for clues, color matching games, and jigsaw puzzles to keep your little one happy and active.

4. Lower your expectations.

Don’t expect to get through escape rooms with your kids as quickly or efficiently as you would with a group of adult friends. Prioritize enjoying the experience over beating the clock.

5. Give lots of encouragement

Escape games are meant to be fun, but as any parent knows, young children are often easily tired or frustrated. Keep them engaged with all the positive reinforcement you can give.

6. Have fun

If you’re genuinely enjoying yourself, it’s likely that your child will catch onto your mood and be happy, too. So allow yourself to step into the dazzling world of escape games and let your worries drain away. Remember that you’re here to have fun with your loved ones, and get your head in the game!

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