White Gold Guide: Everything U Need to Know

White Gold

White gold is a very underrated and uncommon jewellery metal. Not many people you come across on the street or in your local circle sports white gold rings or necklaces. So, it isn’t surprising that not many people like you and I are aware of what it is and why the jewellery pieces made of white gold are so expensive. And, no, before you think that platinum is white gold, it isn’t. Originally, white gold was developed to mimic the look of platinum.

If you don’t know much about white gold, we hope this article gives you all the necessary information that you likely need to know about the same.

What is White Gold?

White gold is an alloy that is constructed of 75% gold and a 25% mixture of nickel and zinc. It is available in karats, much like gold is. The most commonly found form is the 18-karat option, which consists of 75% gold. White golds are generally used for making pins and rings because they are comparatively a lot harder than normal gold.

The reason behind the growing popularity of white gold was because of its low maintenance. It is one of those few alloy combinations that are durable, scratch-resistant, and last for longer than you can imagine.

White Gold and Karats – Explained

Since white gold is an alloy, people are often confused when they have to go out and buy something made out of it. Remember that majority of the metal in the alloy is gold. So, like gold, even white gold is measured in karats. 

White gold, like normal gold, is measured in karats, so if you are buying an 18 karat option, it is likely that the same consists of 75% gold, which explains why you need to be careful about the type of white gold you are buying. The white gold and nickel alloy is considered the safest and the most skin-friendly option but there is one with rhodium too.

Why is rhodium used for white gold?

Since white gold is generally made with a combination of yellow gold, nickel, and zinc, there are chances that it will have a yellowish look and tinge to it. It is extremely common, which is where the rhodium comes in.

The thin layer of rhodium over the white gold gives it a very premium and chromatic look that helps get rid of the yellowish tinge. The rhodium layer further enhances the durability of the white gold, making the pieces of jewellery last longer.

If you are wondering where to buy white gold, there are several Melorra modern gold necklace designs that you can look into. Moreover, it is also possible that you can check out the simpler designs, especially the ring ones if you want to test out the waters first. Always remember that you buy from certified sellers, be it online or offline. Ensure that the seller that you are buying from is selling authentic items as Melorra does. Moreover, white gold is pretty easy to maintain too, which is a bonus as well.


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