Things to Keep in Mind before Buying an Air Curtain

Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Curtain

Efficient climate management is an important part of providing warmth for workers or consumers while balancing energy costs monthly for just about every company. In residences where doors often open and shut, remaining at the peak of the pressure, such operation puts on the Heating and cooling systems may be a challenge.

Have you recently started to explore the advantages of adding Air Curtains over these openings and exit points? Using the intangible force of fast-moving air to separate the temperature zones to keep the air cool or warm where it belongs, improved indoor situations can be obtained, minimizing use and wear and tear. Now comes the next step—choosing an air curtain for your residence.

An air curtain is a structure that fits over a gateway or other entry that blows a constant, strong stream of air down. This airstream separates the regions on either side of it, holding everything from cooler air to pollution, bacteria, and mosquitoes, to air conditioning.

By avoiding the lack of air conditioning, air curtains often have the ability to save you tons of cash on electricity bills all year long.

Will all of this look impressive to you? Continue reading to know everything about the air curtains before you purchase one.

Types of Air Curtains

There are two basic ways of separating the air curtains: whether or not they are heated and by the orientation of the air stream – vertically or horizontally.

Hot Streams of Air

Heated air curtains can blow a stream of hot air and, for this reason, are extremely useful in cooler environments. What shop does not like to invite shoppers with a friendly change of mood or keep the cashiers safe from cold air gusts arriving every time anyone comes in or out? Air curtains can operate on electricity, coal, or even warm water when it refers to fuel.

Electrically Heated Air Curtains

They are suitable for buildings where energy is the only source of power. They are particularly common in industrial spaces. But as time progresses and fossil fuel use tends to decline, it is increasingly becoming more common in the smaller building.

Unheated Air Curtains

Air curtains without heating are fine because it’s not the weather; it’s the air performance that’s the challenge. Smog, bad fumes, bacteria, and flying insects – the unheated air curtain would do a decent job holding all of them out and the air conditioning in. These air curtains are the best option for people living in temperatures that do not need heating.

What To Keep In When Buying An Air Curtain

Control of Heating

Not all air curtains are insulated – if they are used between cool spaces; for instance, the heating capability will be entirely unnecessary. If you settle on a hot air curtain because, say, you’re living in a warmer environment where you’ll try to keep your interior warm during the cooler months, one of the most crucial matters you’ll need to take into consideration is heating fuel.

Control of Air Movement

Airflow is among the most critical things to remember when it comes to having the correct air curtain. Too little airflow with air curtains will not be efficient; too many, and you will end up spending all the resources you were meant to save on your energy bill.

One of the most crucial matters to bear in mind here is how high the doorway or gateway is – the bigger the doorway, the greater the air intake would be to operate properly.


Any gadget that is too noisy will end up being distracted and irritating, no matter how good the environment is. No noise level of the air curtain can reach 80 decibels, and ours is never close to it. Remember, noise isn’t any different than air pollution!


A high-quality air curtain made of durable components is a long-term asset that will keep paying for itself over time. 

The more costly versions would have a higher overall flow rate, be insulated rather than unheated, or be ideal for higher doors and exits, such as those used in supermarkets or factories.


Air curtains are deficient maintenance. Before washing yours, make sure to detach your air curtain from its source of power to avoid the possibility of short-circuiting. Then wipe it clean with a wet towel. You don’t have to think about breaking any of the moving components because they’re all secure inside the container.


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