Painting Ideas Within Your Budget

Painting Ideas

Ever thought about how would it be like to wear the same clothes every day? Or eat the same food in every meal? Or let alone watch the same series every day? Boring, dull, and frustrating, right? Then why have your house carried the same wretched look for eternity? 

A house is not just a structure of walls and floors, it is the abode of a soul. It emits energy and has its aura. To stay healthy, happy, and positive; the monotony has to be broken. The house too needs to be revitalized, rejuvenated and renewed. And re-painting the walls seems to be the most apparent option. Not only is painting more feasible than changing the tiles and redoing the furniture, but it is also more economical. 

Keeping in view the large areas of space that houses cover and multiple coating of painting required, Dulux Paints have come up with an exclusive and innovative range of budget-friendly paints. Designed by experts with the latest technologies, Dulux Paints in this range are easy to apply and long-lasting. Not just Dulux Paints, the Asian Paints Price List in the low-cost section is equally attractive too. 

While pricing is just one aspect of painting your walls in a budgeted way, there are some more ways in which you can make sure that you make a bang for a buck. Let us see some of them in detail here –

  1. Calculate the absolute paint quantity required. Many a time, you end up buying extra tubs of paint due to the incorrect measurement of the area to be covered. This paint eventually dries up or goes down the drain. So it would be a wise step to ensure to buy only the requisite quantity and just a little extra for touch-ups or filling up some spaces for that extra edge. 
  2. Painting the walls one by one as need be. There are certain corners of the house or walls that get damaged or need more care in comparison to the others. If you are tight on the budget, you can also consider painting the walls one after the other depending upon their current state, the dilapidation done and the care required. 
  3. Prepare well in advance to make the most of the festive season. It is during the festive seasons that the majority of industry giants like Dulux, Berger, Asian Paints, and others put up-sale bonanzas. Buying the desired paints in required quantities around this time and availing of major discounts can help in saving a bomb of an amount. 
  4. Some paints are oil-based and water-based. Depending upon their nature and elements, these paints require multiple coatings for the desired look. If you are looking for a low-cost pocket-friendly painting drive, try to select an option that requires a minimum number of coats for achieving the final finish. 
  5. One of the greatest products that the paint manufacturers have come up with is the combination of primers and paints in one. Earlier primers were first applied as the primary layer to cover up uneven spaces and later paints were applied on this layer for the final look. Now with these primer plus paint combinations, the best usage of both the products is taken care of in one product. Try choosing from this range to save up on the extra cost of the primer. 

Lastly, before going ahead with the painting process, carry out a fair comparison of the chosen shade amongst all options from various brands in terms of durability, ease of maintenance, the rate per unit of the area among others, this will eventually help you save.

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